The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Bad Influence

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 13, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is not to follow people who can get you into trouble. Think for yourself.

Al has just finished working on his newest invention, X-ray spray. He shows the viewers how it works and what they can see inside Al.

Al explains to the viewers that while he was out playing 43-man squamish with his friends one day, he met a cool guy named Spike who has an exclusively "secret club." To Al, he may join Spike's club one day. The doorbell of Al's cave rings, and he hopes Spike is there. Spike is at Al's door! Al welcomes Spike to his cave. Al shows Spike his X-ray spray, and Spike comments that Al's invention is creepy yet cool. He suggests to Al that they can use the stuff to spray on Christmas presents and to see how to open any combination lock, and Al agrees on that idea. Al also introduces Spike to his best friend, Harvey the Wonder Hamster. Al sings Harvey's Wonder Hamster theme song. Spike wonders what makes Harvey a wonder hamster, and Al shows him one of Harvey's amazing stunts he can do. Spike wants Harvey to do his trick again, but Al suggests that Harvey should get some rest after his performance.

Spike comes to think that Al isn't right for his exclusive club unless he can wear pants with only one leg. Al plans to be cool like Spike and his other club members, so he tears off the right leg of his pants. Spike tells Al that the really cool people in his club also dip their arms in hot melted chocolate as a kind of "secret" club thing. It turns out that Al has a vat of hot melted chocolate in his cave. He dips both his arms in the chocolate and cries out, "I AM SO COOL!"and then he laughs. Spike decides to go into the kitchen to grab himself a snack. Al thinks that Spike is such a cool guy. When he hears a crash coming from the kitchen, he figures that Spike needs some help getting something to eat.

After the first commercial break, Al shows the viewers what snack he made for Spike since he was hungry. It is one of Al favorites: hickory-flavored asphalt with anchovy jellow on whole-wheat bread. Spike doesn't seem to want Al's snack. He then asks Al what he does for fun on the show. Al responds that his nextdoor neighbor, the Hooded Avenger, sometimes comes over. Spike isn't too keen on crime-fighting heroes. What Al likes to do best is watch TV. Al and Spike flip through some channels on Al TV. One of the shows they tune to is the Fred Huggins Show. It features two puppets named Papa Boolie and Baby Boolie. Fred sings a song about water while playing on his ukulele. Another channel they switch to shows a commercial for Pirate Daycare. They even see a show called Bungalo of Style hosted by Downtown Julie Brown. It shows what are in and what are out. One of the fashion trends that happens to have gone out of is the one-legged pants. Al is confused and asks Spike if wearing pants with one leg is cool or not. Spike mimics Al's question and says Al is not cool enough for the initiation. Al wonders what kind of initiation it is, and Spike tells him that the required thing for the initiation is to shave off his right eyebrow. While Al goes to get his shaving cream, he shows the viewers an advertisement for Pizza Quick.

Al thinks it's better for him to shave his underarm in place of his eyebrow, but Spike refuses the idea. Al has no choice but to shave his eyebrow for the initiation. Spike says Al looks moby, which could possibly mean absolutely cool. Spike even makes Al put on crazy looking bunny ears. Al cries out, "I am way moby!" When Al hears the doorbell ring, he thinks the other club members have come. At the door of the cave, he meets Bobby the Inquisitive Boy. Bobby wonders what happened to Al. Al says he looks way moby, and Bobby wonders if "moby" means lame.

Bobby says he has scraped his knee and asks Al what he should do. Al tells Bobby that accidents are one of the many mysteries of the universe. "Prevention is the best medicine," Al adds. He also shows Bobby an informational film on the subject of safety. Bobby has other questions, but Al insists that Bobby should leave the cave because he and Spike are busy. Spike then tells Al they are going to break stuff around the cave. Al smashes a plate over his head. The Show Announcer thinks that Spike is a "BAD INFLUENCE!"

After the second commercial break, the cave looks messy, but Al is just in the middle of doing something. Spike finds one of Al's other inventions: super buoyant edible ping-pong balls. Spike puts one in his mouth and discovers it is spicy. Al tried to warn Spike he got the jalapeño flavored one. Right now, it is time for Al's Mailbag. Al looks through his mailbag and picks out a letter with something in it. When he reads the letter, the person who wrote it says he found something in his nose. Al gets disgusted, so he reads another one. Spike interrupts Al as he starts to read a third letter. Spike says that reading letters in his club is lame. He'd rather rip them up.

When the doorbell rings, Al hopes the people from Spike's club are there this time. At the door, he meets with a friend of Spike's, Seamore, who is already in the club. Seamore asks what Al has on him, and Al states that it's melted chocolate for the club. He also tells Seamore he shaved off his right eyebrow for the initiation. Seamore says there is no initiation, let alone any other members in the club. Al asks Spike if he's been making up stuff, and Spike says that making up stuff is cool. Al finds out that he has done all those stupid things to make himself look like a fool. He had been acting like a jerk in front of everybody!

Al calls for Harvey to come out now that Spike is gone. Al hears the doorbell and hopes it wouldn't be spike. At the door are Bobby and the Hooded Avenger. Bobby figures out that Spike was a jerk and Al never joined his club. The Hooded Avenger, however, is glad that Al himself found out what he did wrong. You should always think for yourself. Some people never learn to think for themselves, and they do whatever others say is cool, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

More guests arrive at Al's cave: Barenaked Ladies. They were just on their way to a medieval festival when they saw someone messing with the Hooded Avenger's bike. BNL scared off the guy who was also trying to spray the lock of the Hoodcycle with Al's X-ray spray. It was Spike who did it! Hooded Avenger tells Al that Spike will someday learn the hard way about doing ridiculous things.

Al suggests to BNL they can do a song on the show. As soon as the band changes out of their medieval costumes, they perform a song for Al, "Shoebox." At least Al has now learned his lesson on following people who can get you into trouble. Al has learned to think for himself.