The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 7

Because I Said So

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 25, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is this: The best way to deal with a bully is through peaceful communication. Besides, bullying other people around is not cool.

Al has just finished working on his newest invention which will change life on Earth as we know it. He has invented an automatic toenail clipper. Al has yet to test his newest invention, so he brings Harvey over to test it out on him. His toenails are looking pretty long anyway. Al turns the crank, and Harvey's nails still look somewhat long. Al's invention needs a few adjustments.

The phone rings, and Al answers. It is J.B. Toppersmith, Al's producer. J.B. tells Al that it's Take-an-Extended-Relative-to-Work Day, and he's bringing along his nephew Huey. J.B. has told Huey he could be in charge of Al's show. Al gets a little surprised at hearing that. J.B. also warns Al that Huey is used to getting his own way. If Huey gets upset, Al will get fired.

Al tells Harvey that they'll be having company over at the cave. Al hears someone playing music, and he meets Buford the new band leader and his house band. Al says he didn't order any house band. "I ordered the band," says Huey coming into Al's cave. Huey has told the band to be at that very place. Al welcomes Huey, and Al asks him if he'd like to watch TV.
"I hate TV," Huey says. Then he adds, "I want you to call me Sir from now on." So, Al does as he's told. Al starts to tell Huey about Hawaii, but Huey gets bored. Huey wants Al to sing for him from now on whenever the band starts to play. It is once again time for Al's Mailbag. Huey commands Al to sing the "Al's Mailbag Theme Song." So, as he is to make Huey happy, Al makes up a theme song for Al's Mailbag while the band plays. Al reads a letter from someone requesting to see Dick Van Patten wearing a tutu and doing a pirate dance. Huey says that performance was boring. Huey commands Al to draw a funny picture of him. How will Al communicate with Huey?

As best as Al can draw, Huey doesn't seem to like his drawing. Al hears the doorbell ring. He starts to answer, but Huey makes Al sing again before he could answer the door. Poor Al has to do what Huey orders him to do. At the door, Al meets big-time TV star Tahj Mowrey. Al sings to Tahj just to please Huey. Tahj is curious why Al is singing. Tahj asks Al if he could see a clip from one of Al's videos. Al shows a clip of his "Jurassic Park" music video. Tahj isn't pleased at what he saw.
"Why did you ever come on this stupid show?" asks Huey. Al sings those exact words Huey said to Tahj. Tahj has had enough. He starts to leave, but Al pleads with Tahj to help him test his automatic toenail clipper before leaving. Tahj takes off his shoe, puts his foot in the box, and Al turns the crank. When Tahj looks at his foot, he gets shocked.
"Look what you did to me!" Tahj shouts, "You made me into a freak!" Al sings Tahj's exact words. Al's machine still needs to be fixed.

The Hooded Avenger, Val Brentwood, and Cousin Corky wonder what is happening. As Huey shoos Tahj Mowrey out of Al's cave, Al tells them that Huey is in charge of the show for the day. The Hooded Avenger is shocked to hear that. Val asks if she can take care of Huey for him. Al says the best way to deal with a bully is with the silent treatment. No matter what Huey says to Al, not one word would Al say to him in response. Huey decides to hold a party and play musical chairs. The Hooded Avenger advises Al not to let Huey push him and to find a way to communicate with him. Al tells Huey his skills at playing musical chairs are so great and offers him a cake. No matter how nice Al tries to be, Huey just isn't satisfied.

The phone rings, and it is Huey's uncle. J.B. asks Al how things are going.
"Terrible!" Huey cries into the phone. Huey orders his uncle to fire Al, and J.B. does just that.

Al has just about had enough of being bullied by Huey. "I quit!" he shouts, and then he sings it. That Huey is such a bully!

While Al packs up to leave his cave, he tells Harvey that he'll miss him. Al tells Buford to keep it up with the band's musical accompaniments. Al even talks to a piece of pie and eats it up. Huey asks Al if he's finished with saying goodbye.
"There isn't anymore you have to do?" Huey asks. As Al leaves, Huey orders Al to come back in a nicer way. Al insists that he's leaving for good.
"Fine. I'll just be here all alone. Nobody likes me anyway," Huey says. Al says he likes Huey, but only when he isn't so bossy. Al insists that Huey should give it a try at being nice. Al and Huey watch the Fred Huggins Show on TV. Fred Huggins even talks about being nice. Huey finally gets the message and learns that he shouldn't be a bully and mistreat other people.

Huey has gone now, and he's promised to be nicer to everyone from now on. Also, Al will try to talk to other people instead of having them boss him around. Before Al signs off, he tries out his automatic toenail clipper one more time on himself. This time, it works. "This could be the beginning of something new!" he cries out for joy.