The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 10

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Hamster

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 15, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is that a true friend is someone who helps you believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

Al and his best friend, Harvey the Wonder Hamster, are playing some air hocky. Al has never beaten Harvey in that game before. Al thinks something is wrong with Harvey, but he doesn't want to talk about it with Al. Al sings to Harvey his wonder hamster theme song. Even after singing that song, Harvey still acts mighty strange. Maybe that's because he has agreed to perform his death-defying stunt and isn't quite ready. Al starts to get upset because if Harvey doesn't perform his stunt--freefalling off a building--his show will be ruined.
"It's not about you, it's my show," Al says to Harvey.

Dweezil Zappa comes over, and Al introduces him to the viewers. Dweezil has finished polishing Al's bowling ball collection, and asks Al if he can have some of his famous chocolate lasagna. Al asks Dweezil if he has dusted his atomic super collider. Dweezil has more chores than Al had offered him to do. Al sends him off to finish the list of chores.

In the meantime, Al knows the viewers like to do a little channel hopping. So Al turns on the TV to see what other shows are on the air. On one channel is a show called Sabrina, the Teenage Fish. Another channel has a show with a three-armed guy playing guitar. There's a news report on another station. There is even a commercial for May I Take Your Order, Please shampoo. On another channel is a Weird Al music video of "Livin' in the Fridge."

The doorbell rings, and Al wonders who it could be. At the door, Al meets Dr. Philips, door-to-door pet psychologist. The doctor asks Al if he has any disturbed pets. Al explains that his professionally trained stunt hamster, Harvey, is nervous about doing his biggest stunt of all time for the show. Dr. Philips suggests to Al that he should look at Harvey for an hour every day for the next five years. Al thinks it would take too long. The doctor's alternative is to use duck tape. Al introduces Harvey to Dr. Philips. The doctor runs a few tests on Harvey, but he only makes things worse. Al grabs the doctor by the scruff of his neck and chases him out of his cave. Harvey runs away.

It is once again time for Al's Mailbag. Al finds in his mailbag an envelope full of beef stew and a letter from Ed McMahon. Just as Al starts to read another letter, the Yoko Ono alarm sounds, which means only one thing--commercial time! An advertisement for Sportshoe is played.

Now it is time for the biggest highlight of the show. Harvey will be performing his death-defying stunt. Harvey will be breaking the world record for freefalling off a building. Unfortunately, Harvey refuses to jump and Al starts to get angry with him. Al urges Harvey to jump, and Harvey gives Al the raspberry with hamster spit. Al gets really mad at him and calls Harvey names like "wimp," "big baby," and "coward. Harvey locks himself in his house.

The phone rings. It is Al's boss, J.B. Toppersmith. J.B. asks Al what he's got Harvey doing for this show. Al explains to J.B. that Harvey won't do his death-defying stunt because he's nervous. J.B. has an idea better than Harvey doing his stunt--Giant Banana. J.B. says that everybody loves bananas,. Why, J.B. himself loves bananas, especially when he bites through the skins. Al thanks J.B. anyhow for the suggestion.

Dweezil has finished sorting all of Al's pennies by year and asks if he can have chocolate lasagna now. Al is too busy, but he promises Dweezil he'd save a piece for him. The doorbell rings, and Al's sends Dweezil to take out his trash for him. Al meets his childhood accordion teacher at the door, Mrs. Pheasantmyer. She has come to ask if she can borrow a socket wrench from Al. Al remembers the good old days getting accordion lessons from her. Since she's just visiting him, Al decides to show Mrs. Pheasantmyer some of his home movies. Al's movie is about his summer vacation. Part of his movie shows Harvey teaching Al how to get shot out of a cannon. Mrs. Pheasantmyer has to go home and tend to her gerble. Al didn't know she had a gerble. Al is still thinking about Harvey when the Hooded Avenger zooms by on his hoodcycle. The Show Announcer reminds Al that if Harvey is going to do his stunt, he'll need his help and support.

The Hooded Avenger asks Al where Harvey is. Al explains that Harvey was too nervous to do his death-defying stunt, and Al called him names.
"He's acting like a jerk," Al says. The Hooded Avenger understands Al. He's been through a fight like that before with his friend, Mr. Molasses. He was the slowest superhero ever. The Hooded Avenger remembers the times he had with him, and he breaks down crying. Al tells him to get control of himself.
"There's nothing like a good friend," the Hooded Avenger tells Al. Al decides to make it up with Harvey for calling him names. He's just figured out what the pet psychologist told him. All Al has to do is help Harvey achieve his goals so he'll feel better about himself. The Hooded Avenger likes that idea, and he wishes Al luck.

An alarm clock rings, and that means it's time for the Giant Banana. The Giant Banana comes in tapdancing, when he suddenly destroys Harvey's habit trail. Al shoos the Giant Banana out of the cave. Al tells Harvey he was going to buy him a new one anyway. Calmly, Al tells Harvey to make up with him. Al appologizes to Harvey and reminds him of the times when he trained him to be a professional stunt hamster. Al tells Harvey he believes in him, And at last, Harvey performs his stunt. Al is proud of his hamster, and he's finally learned that a true friend is someone who helps you achieve your goals.

Just as Al signs off, Dweezil reminds him of his chocolate lasagna. Al remembers the deal he made with Dweezil when he finds that Harvey has eaten it. Al reminds the viewers that Harvey is a professionally trained stunt hamster. If there are any hamsters out watching, don't try these tricks at home.