The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Mining Accident

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 27, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is to try and appreciate other people who are different from you. Never make any quick judgements.

Al is trying to write a song about cheese, but he hasn't gotten very far. In the meantime, he decides to sing a song he already knows. He sings Harvey the Wonder Hamster's theme song. But just as he comes toward the end, he hears a loud crash. Some miners have broken through a wall in Al's living room. One of the miners asks Al if they're anywhere near the coal mine, and Al tells them they're in the wrong place. The miner appologizes for causing disturbance and promises to fix Al's wall. But now, another miner starts to read Al's song he was still writing. The first miner asks if he can use Al's phone, and another miner begins to touch Al's things without even asking first. They even track mud all over Al's cave.

While the miners start to fix Al's wall, Al goes into the kitchen for a nutrition break. His recipe for the day is lima bean cookies. Al shows the viewers what kinds of shapes they can make with the lima bean cookie dough. One of the miners comes in and tells Al that he forgot the most important part of the recipe: how to wrap the cookie dough. The miner shows Al how to wrap the dough properly.
"This is so it doesn't attract underground rats," says the miner. Then all the miners start to make jokes about rats, and Al has had enough with the miners. They even think Harvey is a rat. Al and the miners all start to call each other names, shout at each other and fight. Will they ever get along with one another?

It is now time for a race with Knight vs. Fireman. During the race, the miners bets on who would win. The knight wins the race. When Al sees that the miners have gambled on the race, he tells them that gambling is not allowed in his cave.
"Gambling is not a good form of entertainment," al says. The miners say that Al's song parodies are a no-good form of entertainment either. They start fighting again when they hear a voice telling them to keep it down. The Hooded Avenger wonders what happened to Al's living room wall. The Hooded Avenger recognizes the miners. They were the same ones who broke through his hood cave the year before. The Hooded Avenger tells Al to try and get to know the miners instead of judging them.

Al says there's one thing he and the miners can do without even talking to each other: watch TV! The miners like the idea. One channel they watch shows a preview of Phil Frye: The Science Guy. Another channel has a public service announcement with Martha Quinn on using your words. Another channel has an exercise show with Tony Maloney. There is even a hilarious commercial parody for Got Milk?.

Al and the miners start to get along a little now. Al goes back to work on his cheese song, and one of the miners asks if they can help. Bobby the Inquisitive Boy comes in and asks Al where dirt comes from. Al says to Bobby, "That is one of the many mysteries in the universe." He also shows Bobby a short film on dirt. However, the film doesn't quite answer Bobby's question. The miners have finally fixed the hole in Al's wall and they start to leave. But suddenly, a bolder crashes through the wall. What will Al and the miners do now?

It seems that the miners are going to be around a while longer. In the meantime, Al gives the viewers a choice: watch Brad Pitt mud wrestle with Cindy Crawford or watch a Fatman cartoon. Fatman is the one that gets picked. In this Fatman cartoon, a guy named the Slaw Miester plans to use potato bombs to dominate the world, replacing potato salad with coleslaw. It is up to Fatman to launch those potato bombs into outer space and save the day.

The miners couldn't finish fixing Al's wall because some underground rats have gotten into Al's cave. The miners want to find a way to get rid of them. Al has a plan. He has made some split-pea fudge to keep the rats away. Al's plan works. Now if he could finish his cheese song. The miners help him out in return for ridding the rats. Al wonders how the miners learned to sing so well, and the miners wonder how Al can get rid of rats so quickly. Because of Al's rat-ridding plan, the miners "fix" Al's wall in no time. And thanks to the miners, Al has finally finished his cheese song.

Harvey the Wonder Hamster is about to do one of his famous stunts: the hamster cannonball. After Harvey's stunt, Al tells how he has learned never to judge others before even getting to know them first.

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