The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Mining Accident

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 27, 1997 on CBS



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    • Show Announcer: Could it be that Al and the miners have learned to get along, or will a wall come between them?

    • Al: (telling the Hooded Avenger about the miners) How could you like them? They're uncivilized and philthy and crude!
      Hooded Avenger: Oh, they're just different. Maybe if you just reached out and got to know them, you might actually learn how to appreciate them a little bit.

    • Al: (to the miners) In the future, I'd appreciate it if you refrained from gambling in my home. It's in inferior, uncultural form of entertainment.
      Miner: Inferior? I hate to break it to you, pal, but accordion-based song parodies aren't exactly the highest form of entertainment either.

    • Miner: Hey, buddy, are we near the mine?
      Al: The what?
      Miner: The coal mine. According to this map, it should be around here somewhere.
      Al: I don't know anything about a coal mine, but this is my home and I really didn't need a side entrance.

    • Al: Hey! don't you miners have any manners?
      Miner: I don't know. Maybe you can lone us some!

    • Bobby: Hey, Al, I've got a question. Where does dirt come from?
      Al: I don't know, Bobby. But I can tell you where it goes. Onto them. (points to the miners)

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