The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Promises, Promises

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 20, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is not to make promises you can't keep.

Al is hanging out with his friends: Cousin Corky, Val Brentwood Gal Spy, and the Hooded Avenger who asks Al what they can do today. Al suggests they could pour maple syrup on the rug then lick it up, but they did that the day before. When Al suggests they can watch TV, everybody likes the idea. They flip through the channels and watch shows like The French Prince of Bel-Air, The Fred Huggins Show, and one of Al's crazy music video parodies. When they come across a channel showing John Tesh, everyone gets excited and awestruck.

All of Al's friends start talking about how great John Tesh is and that they know him. Al thinks he really knows John Tesh personally. He begins to lie to his friends about that, and they all believe him. The Hooded Avenger suggests to Al that he should invite him over to his cave.
"All right, I-I-I will invite him," Al says.

Everyone gets ready for John Tesh's visit. To be honest, Al has never even met John Tesh in person. He tells Harvey the Wonder Hamster about his promise he gave to everyone that John Tesh would come. Whatever it takes, Al would find a way for John Tesh to come and see his friends. Al hears a knocking sound. It is The Guy Boarded Up in the Wall. He gives Al a celebrity appearance price list. As soon as Al finds John Tesh's name, he thinks at first that the price to book him over would be only $82. The Guy Boarded Up in the Wall points out that Al forgot to read the zeros. There are three zeros following $82, so the price to bring John Tesh over to the cave is just...$82,000?! How will Al make that much money?

Al has decided to hold a bake sale and sell some unusually queer treats at very high prices. Al's phone rings, and he answers it to see who would be calling. It's his friends who are all excited about John Tesh's appearance at Al's cave. Al lies and says to them, "Oh yeah, John will arrive soon."

Madam Judy the Psychic hdrops by, and Al asks her if she'd like to buy one of his baked goods from him. Madam Judy couldn't afford to pay for them at such a high price, but she can tell that Al really needs help in raising thousands of dollars very fast. Madam Judy lets Al look into her chrystal ball for the answer to his problem. She has helped other people figure out their futures. Madam Judy tells it all in her very own personal infomercial. All Al has to do is make an infomercial of his own to make the money. Al doesn't understand at first, but when he looks into Judy's chrystal ball, he sees Ron Popeil and Tony Little. They encourage Al to do what they do--make an infomercial on TV. So, Al does just that.

Al appears on an infomercial with Mike Levey called Unbelievable Discoveries. Al advertises some very unusual junk such as Weird Al Ear Magnets and a Shoelace Tying Gauge. And in no time at all, Al makes $82,000 to bring along John Tesh! But can he keep his promise and his money?

Now that Al has made $82,000, he wants to call John Tesh and tell him to visit his cave. But before he can do that, it is time for Al's Mailbag. When Al reads the first letter, he finds that a customer who bought his crazy junk wants his money back. In fact, lots of other unsatisfied customers want their money back as well. Al has no choice but to give everyone a refund. People come to his cave to get their money back from what they bought. While Al takes care of some business with the unsatisfied customers, a Fatman cartoon is played.

In the Fatman cartoon, Fatman must save the town from being covered with melted ice cream made by his evil Uncle Frank.

Back in his cave, Al has just given back his last dollar from his failed sale. His friends want to know what he's been doing, and Al tells them he was trying to make fast money to book John Tesh. The least Al could do was disappoint his friends. Al offered to help his friends with some of their things which needed to be taken care of. Suddenly, John Tesh himself comes by and demands a refund from Al. Pretty soon, Al is right back to where he started.

Al has learned two things:
1. He shouldn't make promises he can't keep.
2. He should never do anymore infomercials.