The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Talent Show

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 01, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is when you're faced witha challenge, try your best. Also, don't be afraid to get help from other people.

Today, Al is havving a talent show in his cave. All of Al's friends will be performing their own special talents, even some special guests will be performing. One of Al's guests is his mom. Everybody has their own talent that makes them special. Al's talent show is non-competitive, but he will be rewarding the winner with a special prize. This year, Al's prize is a hand-crafted sculpture of Marvin the Sea Bass entirely made of ice. When Al opens the freezer to show the viewers his prize, he finds that his sculpture has melted. His freezer has stopped working. Al tries to think of something to make up for his prize. Al's cousin Corky comes over and asks him if he needed any help. Al says "No, thank you" as he pushes the freezer aside. Corky asks if today really was the day of the talent show. Al says it is, and Corky starts to leave. Al pulls her back.
"You're in the talent show, too," Al says to Corky.

Al has promised his mom that everyone, especially Corky, will perform something. While Al insists Corky to try her best and have fun in the show, the doorbell rings. Al answers, and he meets all his friends. Al's mom still hasn't arrived yet. The Hooded Avenger is excited about the talent show, and he hopes to win the ice sculpture. The doorbell rings again, and this time Al meets his mom at the door. Al's mom says she was late because she was practicing her act for the show. Al invites her in. As Corky tries to leave, Al's mom tells her she's anxious to see her perform. Corky is just a little nervous. The Show Announcer tells Corky to just try her best.

Finally, it is time for the Weird Al Talent Show! Al reminds the performers to give it a try as they do their acts. Harvey the Wonder Hamster is the judge for the talent show. In fact, Harvey has won the talent show last year. For the first act, The Hooded Avenger turns an ordinary cube of ice into the shape of a horse using his tongue. In the next act, Madam Judy shows off her extraordinary talents. She does incredible impersonations of famous people. Corky tries to run away because she  doesn't want to be in the talent show.
"No matter what you do, we'll still like what you perform," Al tells her.

Corky gets even more nervous. She has no idea what she is going to do. Al tells her she can do something to give her an idea--watch TV. On the tube, they run across a game show called "Spin the Wheel," an interview program called "Celebraty Close-Up" with Clint Eastwood, and a weather report. That doesn't help Corky one bit.

Next on stage, The Guy Boarded Up in the Wall entertains the audience with some funny jokes. Al coaxes Corky to think of something to do for the show because she's next. Corky gets more nervous than ever as Al introduces her. So, Al presents the next act which is Bobby the Dancing Boy doing a tapdance.
"You've really made a fool of me!" Corky says. Al convinces Corky that he believes in her, but now Corky hates talent shows and herself.

"I am just a no-good nobody," Corky says. Al explains that everybody wasn't good at something the first time they tried. Al has made several mistakes himself in his acting career. He flashes back to when he was working on a pilot episode of The Flinstones were he really didn't try so hard. Corky realizes that Al did stink back then. Al kept on trying though, but Corky still doesn't believe it. She crushes cans and nuts with her bare fists. Al asks Corky if it hurts when she does that, and Corky says it doesn't.

Al gets back to the talent show. As he begins to introduce the next act, Corky comes running up to him and says she would like to try her talent for the show. So, Al presents Corky, Woman of Steel. Corky bends and breaks heavy things with her bare hands. The audience is amazed at her talent. Next up, Al's mom comes on stage. She performs a banjo solo and balancing act. As she does her act, the doorbell rings. At the door stands musical artist, Immature. They ask Al if they can perform in the talent show. Al starts to say that they have one more act to go when he hears a crash. So, Al let's Immature perform one of their songs, "I'm Not a Fool." Val Brentwood Gal Spy appears unsuspectedly and Al is surprised.
"You sabotaged my show!" Al cries.
Val says that's what her talent is. Al starts to bring the talent show to a close when his friends remind him about the ice sculpture. Al doesn't know what to do, but at least Corky has learned her lesson on trying her best.

Al tells his mom that his ice sculpture has melted. His mom has the solution. She has brought along another ice sculpture of Marvin the Sea Bass that is exactly like Al's other sculpture. Al asks Harvey if he's chosen the winner, and he has. Al announces the winner of the talent show--Bobby! As for Cousin Corky, she gets an E for effert. The Hooded Avenger swears that he'll try harder next year and cries out loud, "That ice sculpture shall be mine! IT SHALL BE MINE!!!"