The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Time Machine

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 11, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

The lesson for this episode is to admit your mistakes, learn from them, and try to do better next time.

Al has just had a busy morning. It's 11:32 AM, and he's gotten so much done. He is just finishing his work on his latest invention. Al has already read letters from his mailbag, Madam Judy told Al's fortune, and Al has answered all of Bobby's questions. Al even got beaten in a game with Teri Garr. Finally, Al has finished his invention. He has rewired his old clock radio into a time machine. That way, he can go back to any point in history. To celebrate, Al watches TV. The shows he comes across include Tony Maloney's fitness program, a soap opera called The Young and the Housebroken, a news broadcast answering a question if anchormen have anchors attached to them, and a commercial for "Got a Six-Foot Grounded Heavy-Duty Extention Cord with a Two-Prong Adapter?"

The doorbell rings, and Al answers. Madam Judy asks Al where Harvey the Wonder Hamster is. She and Al's other friends come in and surprise Harvey. It is Harvey's birthday, and Al has completely forgotten about it. Everybody has presents to give to Harvey, but Al hasn't had a chance to even get one of his own. If Al tells Harvey he didn't get a present for his birthday, he would be crushed. If only Al could do the whole morning all over again. Well, he can do his morning again thanks to his time machine invention. Al sets his invention for 30 minutes in the past. He just needs to get the kinks out first. Finally, Al travels back 30 minutes in the past from where he began. Now all Al has to do is buy Harvey a birthday present so Harvey will never know Al forgot his birthday.

Suddenly, a letter pops out of Al's mailbag. It is a final notice from the electric company. Al gets outraged when he sees it, so he calls the company to give them a piece of his mind. After Al hangs up, the lights in his cave go out. Al strikes a match to give him some light, but he burns his fingers. If only Al just admitted he forgot Harvey's birthday, maybe this would never had happened. He wouldn't even need a time machine for that.

After a slight misunderstanding with the electric company, Al starts to run out of matches. Al uses his time machine again to fix everything. Al goes back another half hour so he can pay his electric bill and get Harvey's present. After his time warp, Al runs into Madam Judy. She sees into Al's future as she did earlier that morning. Judy predicts Al is anxious, which is not what Al says she predicted today. She also tells Al he will be bitten by radioactive lobsters. Al doesn't believe her, but it soon happens as Madam Judy predicted. Now Al has more to do. When he finds he was turned into a lobster, he travels even further back in time to escape the lobsters. Al returns to his old self again after another time travel attempt.

Just as Al begins correcting his mistakes, Bobby enters his cave. Again, just as he did early that morning, Al has to answer Bobby's questions. This time, Al tells Bobby he has already answered every question. Bobby pestures Al into answering them, so Al decides to show Bobby a short film about manners due to Bobby's behavior. Al asks Bobby if he's learned anything, and Bobby tells Al, "You won't answer my questions anymore, dufus." Bobby clunks Al with a bowling ball and leaves.

Once again, Al travels back in time. AL has had enough distractions. He plans to get Harvey's birthday present off the bat. Just as Al heads out the door, he runs into Teri Garr. Teri says that their game isn't for another 20 minutes. Al tells Teri he is busy and wants to cancel the game. Teri gets shocked and knocks Al over. Again, Al travels even earlier back in the day. He is surprised to find himself in his pajamas.

All that time travel has made Al hungry. He goes into the kitchen to prepare frozen waful and sardine nachos for his nutrition break. Al uses an electric shaver to shave the chocolate onto his nachos. But his shaver starts to go on the frits. Instead of shaving the chocolate, he shaves part of his hair off. When Al looks at himself in the mirror, he gets scared as he sees his hair do. He uses his time machine again to travel back to 8:30 AM. At least Al's hair is back to how it was. Al reviews everything he's supposed to do. He hopes not to see anything to distract him like a Russian cossack dancer, but unfortunately, he does! Al gets knocked over and hits his head.

Al's friends wonder why he was laying on the floor unconscious. After coming to, Al says he just bumped his head. Al finally admits to Harvey that he forgot about his birthday and he didn't get a gift for him. Madam Judy looks in her crystal ball and tells Al that Harvey is just glad he's here on his birthday. Al is glad to admit his mistake. Harvey makes a wish which Madam Judy receives. He wishes for Al to perform a song for him. After all, Harvey likes Al's music.

For his musical present to Harvey, Al performs the song "Yoda."