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Girlfriend , you must know this- Is it really true

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    -----Original Message----- From: Melissa Anderson [] Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 3:27 PM Subject: FW: HIV (Read before you look at the pics) READ 1st PLEASE! Importance: High > To understand, with neither > prejudice, self justification, nor > pity, why changes are necessary - > and which changes will give > my life meaning. > > Subject: FW: HIV (Read before you look at the pics) READ 1st PLEASE! > Importance: High > > > ! > Importance: High > > > > Subject: HIV (Read before you look at the pics) > > A young lady got in touch with me last week and related this > disturbing > > story to me and she also emailed me numerous photos of her and "the > subject" of this blind item. > > A few years ago, she cared for her brother before he died of AIDS. > About > > eight months ago, she started dating an actor who appeared on a > popular > > black sitcom that has since been cancelled. Her family was impressed > with him because he was a celebrity. One day, at work, she had a bad > headache. > > That evening, she went out to dinner with the actor. After dinner, > they> > > rented a movie and returned to his house. After the movie, before > they > > became intimate, she insisted on protection, he balked, she grabbed > her > > coat, he relented, she stayed, and they proceeded to have sex. > Afterwards, she went into his bathroom, her head was still throbbing > and she opened his medicine cabinet, looking for aspirin, instead she > found AIDS medications (the same her brother took before his death). > > She angrily confronted the actor, he tried to deny it until she threw > the vials in his face. He finally confessed, saying, he probably got > infected at one of the downlow parties he attends, he also told > her-that he has had the virus for three years and he admitted to > having unprotected sex with > > women and men on a constant basis. She was enraged, not only did he > have the virus, he just admitted to spreading it intentionally and he > > confessed to bi-sexuality. > > She screamed, 'no wonder you didn't want to wear a condom,' he said, > 'Hey, someone gave it to me.' She slapped him and stormed out the > door! She got tested and was negative. She wanted to put this > incident behind her but > > she found out, the actor was dating a black female actress. Through > mutual friends, she was able to get word to the actress before the > actress became intimate with him. Despite calling the "Health > Department" on him, it is rumored the actor is dating an up and coming > black female in the entertainment industry on the East Coast. > > The young lady who related this story says "A headache may have saved > my > > life-because over time, I may have become comfortable & trusting and > let > > my guard down by having unprotected sex with him. "This same headache > > may have also saved the actress's life." > > Hints..Although there have been numerous black sitcoms on the air, we > can do a process of elimination on a few of the shows. The shows the > actor > > did "NOT" appear on: Good Times, The Jeffersons, What's Happening, The > > Cosby Show. And the show was carried on a "major" network. Also, we > hinted in a prior blind item about this actor regarding downlow > activities, Paris visited message boards that copied and pasted that > particular blind item and most of the participants guessed his > identity. > > > ~Darius McCrary who played Eddie Winslow from Family Matters Be > careful!!!!! Protect yourselves!!!! Pass along! DaVita Inc. !

    this was a disturbing email sent to me.  I hope this isn't true. But I have pictures of him at a recent party. But I am not allowed to show these. To protect innocent people that were in the pictures. these pics were attachments. If it is in fact true, I beleive it should be known as a warning.

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    I got that email as well.
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    If you've ever been on, you wouldn't trust chain e-mails so much. Also, what has this got to do with The Wendy Williams Experience?

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