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  • Tell It Wendy

    I love that Wendy tells it all!!! Odd no "talk" shows are mentioning Kelly Osbourne's twosidedself!! Posing on pic as the white/black/white woman after all the racism she threw then ended up Fired/Quit from Fashion Police.. Haven't seen her former thrown under the bus co-worker throw her under the bus.. Sad ppl can't be a fan of her Mum without her in their face...
  • Wendy Couldn't Handle the Truth!

    A close relative watches Wendy from time to time and I can't believe the trash and B' sided garbage that Wendy talks about on National TV. First of all revealing personal private information and cultivating gossip about celebrities and other human beings has seemingly become "hot topics". If Wendy was the victim of such gossip with her twisted insulting opinions, Wendy couldn't handle it. The rumors about her God given Gender, her resimblance to Rupaul, her fake Boobs, fake hair, her denial of a button nose job and claim that she has no false teeth, etc, etc. cause one to question the truth in all this. In other words, where is the real Wendy? Will the real Wendy Williams please step forward? After 1000 episodes Wendy is still challenged to read from a teleprompter and to pronounce the names of celebs properly!! And then she often gets the facts confused or sometimes associates the wrong persons. These are facts that can be noted on any given segment. Wendy is Judgemental and often harsh as if she or anyone is perfect. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw
  • Stop killing the buzz!

    I agree with Tonio, it's unnecessary to comment about or mention race. Whats up with "Listen white people" ? Do you realize if a white talk show host were to say "listen black people" they would be accused of being racist. It would be a headliner ! Also, I'm not quite sure why you throw out snide remarks about republicans , being your show is based on celebrity gossip n nowhere close to politics . I find it rather tasteless and very unethical on your part. I myself have no interest in your beliefs or opinions. Personally , i believe Its in the shows best interest to stick to the juicy gossip . Comments like that can turn people off quick hon.
  • I usually only watch Hot Topics

    I adore Hot Topics & only watch the rest if it's a guest I want to see. I like Wendy & her attitude. She admits when she's wrong or changes her mind. But lately, it's obvious when a guest is coming on in the near future, she builds them up too much. I do not like when she says "listen white people". That would be my only complaint. I come to watch for fun & gossip, not race insults.
  • Love Wendy Williams Show

    I love The Wendy Williams Show. She tells it like it really is. I just wonder why it do not show on Friday or some Mondays. Why is she so interested in a Chicago play and Dancing With The Stars? I love watching her show in Atlanta GA but not the repeats. I wish she would give her show full attention.
  • A clever title goes here!

    i watch your show every day and i love your show
  • How You Doing!

    I love this show! I used to lilsten to Wendy on the radio. I like her better on TV. I think she makes the show more entertaining by trhe way she presents it. She doesn't seem to be reading from a card. She seems connected with the hot topics and her audiene and guest. I watch it with my mother in law wheneve I work from home. We are all fans!
  • Okay, Wendy Williams is unlike any other talk show host. She doesn't follow the "rules" of daytime television, and I think that's great.

    First of all, let me say that I have been a fan if Wendy Williams for a very long time. She inspires me a great deal. Not, on to the show. The Wendy Williams Show is amazing, it really brings something new to daytime television. I love all the audience involvement in the show, that makes it more entertaining. Hot Topics is my favorite segment of the show. That's where she dishes about the latest celebrity gossip. Also, recently she's changed it up a bit. She been talking about her weekends more or about raising her son; I think this makes people understand her a lot more. I also love her interviewing style. She is very funny and laid back when interviewing someone. Another good thing about Wendy Williams is the fact that she is not afraid to ask the "personal" questions. Like, "Is that your hair?" Wendy wears a wig proudly, and I love it. I think she is going to make wig wearing more accepted in America. I think everyone needs to watch The Wendy Williams Show. If not, you're missing out.
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