The Wendy Williams Show

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  • Okay, Wendy Williams is unlike any other talk show host. She doesn't follow the "rules" of daytime television, and I think that's great.

    First of all, let me say that I have been a fan if Wendy Williams for a very long time. She inspires me a great deal. Not, on to the show. The Wendy Williams Show is amazing, it really brings something new to daytime television. I love all the audience involvement in the show, that makes it more entertaining. Hot Topics is my favorite segment of the show. That's where she dishes about the latest celebrity gossip. Also, recently she's changed it up a bit. She been talking about her weekends more or about raising her son; I think this makes people understand her a lot more. I also love her interviewing style. She is very funny and laid back when interviewing someone. Another good thing about Wendy Williams is the fact that she is not afraid to ask the "personal" questions. Like, "Is that your hair?" Wendy wears a wig proudly, and I love it. I think she is going to make wig wearing more accepted in America. I think everyone needs to watch The Wendy Williams Show. If not, you're missing out.
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