The West Wing

Season 6 Episode 12

365 Days

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The plural form of "State of The Union," as used several times in this episode, is incorrect. The one used is "State of The Unions" while the correct one is "States of The Union."

  • Quotes

    • Debbie: That wasn't very long.
      Bartlet: I couldn't sleep.
      Debbie: Couldn't or wouldn't?
      Bartlet: I have three daughters and a wife; two of whom are also doctors. If you presume I don't get enough of that sort of comment, you're really not using your imagination.

    • Leo: Everyone's walking around here like we're finished. We have 365 more days.... For both of us, sir, this is our last game. Let's leave it all out on the field.

    • Leo: I'd like to have the occasional light cream sauce without people reacting as if it was a suicide attempt.

    • Leo: "Took me a year to find out what the hell I was doing, and those were the easy years."
      C.J.: "We had easy years?"
      Leo: "Easier than this."

    • Will (on Bob Russell): I spent the last year and a half looking for what you saw in him: you and the President, when you gave him this job. You picked Russell. Him to serve as Vice President to a President with a serious health condition. You were aware you were picking a potential successor. On some level I've just trusted that.

    • Will: Getting tired of people treating me as if I've sold my soul to the devil.
      Leo: Think you have?
      Will: No. I don't think the VP's the devil and I don't think I've sold my soul. (pause) I may have rented it out for a bit.

    • Toby: "What are you doing here, Leo? Watching old speeches and reading about the Founding Fathers? We don't have time for you to sit around like a garden Buddha parsing out fortune cookie wisdom. We're getting buried alive here. Get up and grab a shovel...."

    • Annabeth (on NASCAR drivers): Hotties running around in tight-fitting firesuits.
      Abbey: Hotties?
      Annabeth: Hotsy-tot hottentot hotties. Ma'am.

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