The West Wing

Season 2 Episode 19

Bad Moon Rising

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2001 on NBC

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  • Haggling over the price of a water hose while the White House burns.

    I loved the introduction of the White House Counsel, Oliver Babish(Platt) in the cold open. After focusing so much on the moral and ethical issues of Bartlet not disclosing his MS, that I almost forgot about the legal ramifications. So hearing them was pretty unsettling. I like that Babish didn't coddle the President at all, not because he's such a pro, but because he's as pissed as I imagine everyone else is going to be when they find out.

    Leo: "So what's your problem?"
    Babish: "That's my problem, Leo. Are you out of your mind? He did everything right. He did everything you do, if your intent is to perpetrate a fraud."

    This was probably Charlie's best performance so far in the series. His scene with Leo was incredible, finding out he knew Bartlet was sick was heartbreaking. For him to have kept that to himself is really touching. Leo gave a great performance himself, when he's left almost speechless after Charlie tells him that Bartlet may have signed falsified health records. That was also the most suspenseful moment since the season premiere. Charlie and Bartlet's scene at the end was also excellent and moving.

    Bartlet: "You're gonna be subpoenaed. I'm confident in your loyalty to me. I'm confident in your love for me. If you lie to protect me; if you lie just once, if you lie just a little, if you lie 'cause you can't stand what's happening to me and the people making it happen; if you ever, ever lie, you're finished with me. You understand?"

    This episode was packed with great moments, even with the main plot overshadowing them. CJ's hunt for the staffer who leaked a quote was hilarious, and while I did feel bad for her, my empathy was outweighed by my enjoyment of watching people screw with her.

    Staffer: "If you dunk the suspect in a deep well of water and they drown, it means they're not a witch."
    CJ: "Alright that's it."
    Staffer: "I saw Lizzy Proctor speaking with the devil!"

    However, I really did feel bad for Sam. I imagine that making sure an oil company won't be liable if one of it's tankers crashes because of outdated and unsafe navigational equipment, leaves you feeling like quite a scumbag.

    Another incredible blend of comedy and drama.