The West Wing

Season 4 Episode 20

Evidence of Things Not Seen

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Interesting story connection: Will Bailey (Air Force Reserve attorney) is being sent to investigate a case where nuclear missle silo officers failed to launch missles during a perceived threat. John Spencer(Leo McGarry) played a missle silo officer in the 1985 movie "War Games" who failed in his duty to launch nuclear missles during a test.

    • In the final scene, as C.J. balances the egg, if you look closely, you can see the thin pedestal used to support the egg upright.

    • Goof: (Lt) Will Bailey is wearing his service blues, along with his service ribbons out of order. The Global War on Terrorism ribbon is on the left of the National Defense Service ribbon. They should be reversed. The Air Force Training ribbon is correctly positioned on the right.

    • At the end of the episode, CJ notes the time as being midnight, prompting her to test the standing-egg-on-its-end theory. However her own watch reads 7:25.

    • Leo McGarry says, during the briefing with the President, that the Baltic Sea is shared between Germany, Sweden and Finland. It is ALSO shared with Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (this three being known as The Baltic States) and Russia.

    • Matthew Perry's father, John Bennett Perry, appeared on the second season finale episode Two Cathedrals.

  • Quotes

    • Donna: This guy...
      Josh: Yeah?
      Donna: There are some who'd consider him handsome. I don't, personally, 'cause you're the only one I find handsome.
      Josh: Aha.
      Donna: But for the sake of appearances, here around the office, other people wouldn't suspect I'd pretend. I thought this guy was handsome if you hired him. Of course, all along it'd be a lie because of how handsome you are. And powerful.
      Josh: Your sense of humor's a bit of a high-wire act, isn't it? You're really trying to thread the needle.
      Donna: And half of it you don't even get.

    • Joe Quincy: Did you hear the shots?
      Josh: No, but I heard a brass quintet playing the first Noel, so I assumed someone somewhere was locked and loaded.

  • Notes

    • Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry later went on to star in the show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Stip"; which was also created by Aaron Sorkin.

    • This is Matthew Perry's first appearance as Joe Quincy.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      This episode won the 2003 Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Drama Series along with many other episodes from the season (Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, John Wells, Kevin Falls, Alex Graves, Christopher Misiano, Paul Redford, Kristin Harms, Llewellyn Wells, Neal Ahern, Jr.)

      Matthew Perry received an Emmy nomination in 2003 for his portrayal here of Joe Quincy. He was nominated in the category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

      Bradley Whitford was nominated in 2003 for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in this episode and in "20 Hours in America Part 1 & 2"

    • Will is on his way to defend 2 missile silo airmen who failed to follow launch procedure. In the movie "War Games", John Spencer (Leo McGarry) plays a missile silo commander who refuses to follow launch procedure during a missile drill.

    • Will mentions a website called - this name was registered by Warner Brothers five weeks before the show aired, but had no content.

  • Allusions

    • Joe:You know, I thought I heard what sounded like gunshots when we were talking before, but I didn't... Did you hear the shots?
      Josh: No, but I heard a brass quintet playing "The First Noel," so I just assumed somebody somewhere was locked and loaded.

      Josh is alluding to the second season episode Noël, where his psychiatrist, Dr. Stanley Keyworth, concludes that Josh is associating Christmas music with sirens as a symptom of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffers after being shot in the season one finale, "What Kind of Day Has It Been?".