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Danny Concannon Question

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    [1]Mar 22, 2009
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    Does anyone have any insight on the role of Danny Concannon? What I mean is, was the way the role played out the way the writers wanted it to play out or did they want to use it as astoryline every so often? Danny was my favorite "fringe" character on the show and I koved him and C.J.
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    I know that the relationship between CJ and Danny was based on the real life relationship between Dee Dee Myers and a reporter. I think they ended up married after she left. I don't know how much that influenced the writing for his character.....

    He's also one of my favaourite finge characters and whenever I see him and Josh together I always wonder how they knew each other/ how good friends they are. The dialogue about the goldfish in S1 implies that's not the first time they've scratched each others backs.

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