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The Original Cast of "The West Wing"

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    Here's a list of characters who were part of the original cast of THE WEST WING, when it debuted on September 22, 1999:

    Sam Seaborn

    Josh Lyman

    C.J. Cregg

    Leo McGarry

    Donna Moss

    Toby Ziegler

    Mandy Hampton

    President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet

    Can anyone tell me how many characters are left by the time THE WEST WING was canceled in 2006?

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    Sam Seaborn - well technically he is there when the show is cancelled but Rob Lowe was not part of the official cast if I recall, I believe he was guest star.

    Josh "Lemon" Lyman - In the first episode and in the last episode, every season part of the main cast. my favorite.

    C.J. Cregg - In the first and in the last episode, every season part of the main cast

    Leo McGarry - Such a shame neither the character nor the actor got to see the end of the great show he was a part of. He was a main cast memeber until the last season, does that count.

    Donna Moss - Was in the first episode, but she was not made a member of the main cast until season two, so she falls in the Sam Seaborn area of technically there but as a guest star in the early days, she was a full cast member in the finally episode though. Does that count?

    Toby Ziegler - Well he was in the first episode, he is mentioned in the last episode but not seen even for one shot. I think he was still in the opening credits but I don't remember. Does that count?

    Mandy Hampton - HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy is the first season, and then never seen, hear from or even mentioned ever ever again. Left at the end of the series? she barely makes out of season 1.

    President Josiah Bertlet - Well kind of hard to have a show about the Bartlet Presidency without him. Clearly he is there from beginning to end.

    Charlie Young - if you count characters like Toby and Leo who are in the first episode but not in the last episode you must count Charlie too since he was in the last episode and a main cast memeber in the first season, but not in the first episode.

    Margaret - Oh my God does Margaret have a last name? Anyway, if you consider Donna was not part of the main cast during season 1, I think it is worth it to consider Margaret too this list, as she was never part of the main cast but was major part of the overall cast from the first season to the last.

    You could probably add Carol (CJ's Assistant) to that same list.

    I think you could add Bonnie and Ginger or Ed and Larry as well as to the list if you wanted but then I think you really stretching it.

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