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What I think was supposed to happen...

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    [1]Oct 3, 2010
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    In "The Ticket" we see the feet of the President but we don't know who it is...we all assume it was the winner of the election...Matt Santos.

    What I think was going to happen was Santos and Leo were going to win the election...Leo was going to be the Vice-President, but of course John Spencer passed away.

    I think the plan was for something tohappen to Santos and Leo was going to become the President because of the 25th Ammendment.

    President Bartlett told Leo, "It shoulda been you." (not going to look up the exact may have been Gaza or right after).

    Anybody else think I'm on to something with this?

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    You might be thinking in the right direction with this. I've seen the whole series in a total of three times now, and I still get a little shocked when the episode comes where they talk about John Spencer passing away in the intro of an episode.

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    No I don't think that was the plan at all.

    Long before Spencer's death the writing staff spent the majority of their time turning the "West Wing" into "The Matt Santos Show."

    There is not a single character who got more screen time in season 7 (even before Spencer's passing) than Santos.

    Not only that, his wife (not even a regular) got more screen time than most of the main cast (including CJ, Bartlett, and Leo).

    This was not true of even Vinnick. We never saw any of his family, friends, or even the majority of his staff, just his top advisers. My point is, they writing staff was grooming Santos, they were showing him in every possible light, as a good leader, a good husband, a good father... for lack of better words, a young version of Jed Bartlett.

    After investing so much time into make us like Santos the last thing they would do is kill him off (or some other like tragedy).

    Because they built Santos up into such a "good guy" even if he had to step down (without dying) it would have been awkward. After building Santos up so much any reasons Leo would have become President would have been rather depressing. I think they probably did have a lot of plans that had to be changed when Spencer died but I do not think Leo was President.
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