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What is your favorite Season of the West Wing?

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    In Australia we are about midway through Season 7 and given that the end is near, I was just wondering what everybody's favorite season was?

    My list is as follows:

    Season 1 -Brilliant from start to finish.

    Season 2 -Right up there with S1 and IMO the best season finale in TV history.

    Season 3 - Not quite as good as the first two but still excellent.

    Season 7 - A truly wonderful way to end the series. Just slightly better than S6 IMO.

    Season 6 -Seriously underrated I loved this season which was so surprising given how weak S5 was.

    Season 4 -The weakest of the Sorkin years with a few poor episodes but it made up for it with a truly fabulous ending.

    Season 5 -By far the weakest of the series, it started out good but seriously dropped off during the middle ('Access' anyone?) however, that being said,  I loved the two final episodes, particularly 'Memorial Day'; it was one of the best of the entire series IMO.



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    - Season 2
    - Season 1
    - Season 3 & 4
    - Season 7

    S2 has the best overall story line, the best acting and the highest number of "great" episodes. S1 is right there with it, but the cast members are still working their way into their respective roles, and there are fewer exceptional single episodes. Seasons 3 and 4 are good because of Aaron Sorkin's writing and the major story lines going through the whole thing, as well as the most exciting cliffhanger (end of season 4) of the series. S7 is the best of the three "non-Sorkin" seasons, particularly because of the sensational performance by Bradley Whitford.
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    Season One- Best
    Season Two- also awesome
    Season Six- Amazing
    Season Seven- a great end to a great legacy
    Season three- Great
    Season Four- Why did Sam have to go?!
    Season Five- Barely watchable
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    Series 1 & Series 2 - TV drama does not get any better

    Series 3 - Not far behind series 1 & 2

    Series 4 -Going downhill with Sam leaving

    Series 5 - not much to speak about. Never took to Will

    Series 6 - Obvious that Santos was going to win (Josh was immense holding it all together) Will & Russell suit each other

    Series 7 - Outstanding contribution form Josh, Vinnick, Santos & Donna. The death of Leo and the aftermath was enthraling . Wish Josh & Toby were planning the presidential campaign together

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    Series 2 - My favourite primarily because of the MS revelation at the end, along with the betrayals Series 3 - Second favourite again regarding the MS issue and the huge screen presence of Oliver Babbish

    Series 1 - Third favourite, with great but if somewhat predictable ending Series 4 - The loss of Sam to the 47th, left a big hole

    Series 6 - A considerable improvement over the mix & match of S5. And it was great to see them gradually introduce Vinick/Santos to the fold while still keeping an eye on the goings on in the WW. It was also good to Donna & Josh stretch their wings by leaving their jobs, brougt something fresh to the show.

    Series 7 - Rather sad for so many reasons both on and off screen. Good to see CJ & Danny come together and for Donna to get such a prominent & well deserving job after years of just being an Assistant to Josh. But for all that it was very very sad but very very good.

    Series 5 - An awkward transition post-Sorkin. Wells and co did their best but it wasn't good enough to the adoring and critical fans. Taken on its own it's still stands head and shoulders above most other drama shows. But for those brought up on Seasons 1-4, S5 was a downward rollercoaster!
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    All of them
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    I'm just re-watching the West Wing on my iPad and loving it all over again, on a recent flight I watched 10 back-to-back.
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