The West Wing

Season 6 Episode 9

Impact Winter

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The Santos house features three different staircases in three different episodes.

      In the season 6 episode "Impact Winter", the staircase inside the front door to the house can be seen leading away from the door to the left of the hall.

      In season 7, in the episode "Running Mates", the staircase can be seen coming down from left to right behind the door in a number of scenes,

      Later in season 7, in the two "Election Day" episodes, the staircase has changed yet again, now curving upwards from the right of the door. Either Helen Santos has been doing some extensive remodelling, or different sets were used in each episode.

  • Quotes

    • Bartlet (about to be carried down the stairs): I'm just saying, you drop me, that's a moment that follows you the rest of your life.

    • Josh: So, we may be hit with a hunk of intergalactic rock, we don't know when or where, and there's no more information coming because in Maui it's cloudy?
      Sprout: Welcome to my world.

    • Sprout: I loved a man once. Never told him.

    • Josh: What happened to the good old days when a couple of hacks with cigars chose the nominiee in a smoked filled back room?
      Leo: They didn't do so bad, did they?
      Josh: We need a back room.

    • Margaret: There's someone here from NASA. He needs to speak to whoever's in charge, and at this point I have no idea who that is.
      Leo: Maybe, keep the philosophical questions to yourself?

  • Notes

    • An impact winter is an unnatural winter that is caused by debris from an impact of an asteroid or comet obscuring the sun. It is believed that if an impact winter occured it could lead to the extinction of the human race.

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