The West Wing

Season 1 Episode 11

Lord John Marbury

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2000 on NBC

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  • You're all frightened. As well you should be.

    Well I had a feeling a relationship between Charlie and Zoey was coming, not sure how crazy I am about it, but I'll wait and see how it plays out. I did love Bartlet's reaction to it though,

    "I don't have a racial problem. I'm Spencer Tracy at the end of 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.'"

    It was a little disturbing that the team didn't trust CJ. I understand their reservations but you have to give her a chance before you decide she can't do the job.

    It was so nice getting to see someone tell Mandy off, because of course the one time they might need her to be involved in a decision, she's too busy trying to prove a point. I was surprised that it was Sam who ended up letting her have it though, just didn't seem like something his character would do, but I guess so.

    "You're a political consultant. You're job isn't to end the fight, it's to win it! Now you can work for us or you can work for them, but you can't do both."

    Lord Marbury(Roger Rees) was great, I love how quick he can switch from serious to asinine.
  • Review.

    In the 11th episode of the hit TV show The West Wing. Titled Lord John Marbury. A war breaks out between border nations of India and Pakistan. Lord John Marbury who knows the region is asked to go to The White House.Meanwhile Josh is subpoenaed to testify in The White House substance abuse case. Meanwhile Charlie begins to date the Presidents daughter Zoey. Overall I thought this was a good episode of The West Wing all of the storylines where really good and worked well with each other. My overall rating is 10 out of 10 the end of this review.
  • Things are getting too hot... in Pakistan-Indian border and also in White House

    The main problem seems to be around events in Pakistan Indian boarder and it looks bad. CJ is not informed and when press asks, she lies. And after that she is so mad on Toby as they do not trust her - she is too friendly with press. Is it wrong to accuse her?

    The other problem in president mind is that Zoe asked Charlie out. He does not like the idea but in the end gives them free hands.

    And Josh - he is having hard time too. He is asked to some comitee where they asked about White House people using drugs but it all ends up about Leo and his past problems. So, everything is digged up and what comes next - it can only be waited...
  • Another fantastic new character!

    One of the things I've always enjoyed with Aaron Sorkin's shows is his characters. In this episode, he introduces one of my favorite repeat characters, Lord John Marbury, played by British actor, Roger Rees. Probably best know for his role of Robin Colcord (Rebecca's multi-millionaire boyfriend) on Cheers, Rees brilliantly plays a somewhat-pompous, arrogant, sometimes-drunk(-ish) English noble who has been brought in by the President to help out with a crisis between India and Pakistan. Leo refers to him as a lunatic (questioning "do you REALLY want to let him loose in the White House where there are liquor and women?") and it is absolutely hysterical to watch Marbury play with Leo like a cat playing with a mouse!
  • Charlie and Zoey! Lord John Marbury! And the evil people targeting our Leo! "He thinks I'm the butler!" "Well, for the first few weeks, I did too."

    *First off, it’s the beginning of Zoey and Charlie, one of my favorite West Wing couples, that sadly, doesn’t get enough attention, and like some many other things, disappears to Mandyville. I love Bartlet’s little freakout and his dungeon thing. Zoey and Charlie are great together, and I love this episode for that.

    *Also this is the beginning of Leo's big thing. It's horrible, but it's nice to see how much everyone loves him. I love Sam's moment before Mandy comes in, when he's just sitting there. It's amazing how dramatic those few Leo scenes are at the end of the episode, just because they slow the normally lightning fast pased west Wing down a little. *John Marbury... Yes, he's annoying at times and very eccentric but you've got to love him, even if it's just because you love him calling Leo, Gerald. The India Pakistan thing comes back and is pretty important, and they did a good job with it. This is a great episode.
  • Lord John Marbury is one those TV characters you never forget. To put it mildly he is eccentric and entertaining.

    I have never seen a scene with Lord John Marbury that wasn't great. Anytime you have the chance to see Leo and him in action together you will thank yourself.

    He can never remember Leo's name or the well known fact that Leo is the Chief of Staff and not the Butler. Furthermore any scene with him and Abbey is phenomenal because he blatantly hits on Mrs. Bartlet with no regard for Mr. Bartlet. With all of this you can't help but like him. This is a great episode and introduction to a great character.
  • Sorkin strikes

    I just want to point out that in this episode, Barlett's reaction to Zoey asking Charlie out is extremely similar to Isaac's reaction to his daughter's Republican boyfriend on Sports Night. Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant writer and makes me laugh more than anyone else on television- but he recycleshis plots. Strong episode, builds some storyline.