The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 1

Manchester: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2001 on NBC

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  • Beyond the village.

    Well I agree with most others, going back to the season two finale scene was a bad move. I just don't see the need to hurt the appreciation of that scene by showing Bartlet's verbal answer. I think any confusion viewers might have had would have been cleared up two minutes later when we see he has a campaign staff on AF1. Aside from that though, the episode was good, if not especially noteworthy. I'm liking Bruno Gianelli(Ron Silver), the campaign manager so far. He's a jerk, but the kind of jerk you love to hate, or at least I do, plus he's hilarious.

    Bruno: "Hey, red-headed girl."
    Margaret: "Margaret."
    Bruno: "Okay."

    Bruno: "Leo, I'm reading things that would make the cast of Up With People sit down on the floor and cry."

    CJ getting ramped up by that reporter(I'm actually a big fan of that actor) and then sandbagging herself was tough to watch. In addition to feeling bad for her it was just the worst time for a mistake like that. After that and Sam's outburst in Leo's office it's clear the staff hasn't finished processing Bartlet concealing his MS.

    I loved when everyone in the Sit Room gave Bartlet a stand ovation after he announced he would be seeking a second term, even if it was mostly ceremonial. I also liked that Nancy referred to Bartlet as "our boy." It's just nice to know that even with his lack of military experience they've come to respect him as Commander-in-chief.

    All in all a solid start to the third season.
  • Aftermath of it all...

    So, story of president's health is out there and so is that he is running for re-election and if that is not enough, they still have the Haiti thing. It is just a matter of time when it all turns over someone heads. CJ is great example of it and I am afraid she will hate herself for one simple sentence for long.

    And that lawyer.. oh.. he is so annoying and it really looks bad for Charlie.. and they all claching in Leo's office.. this episode really had the tension and show the pressure and it all just worked well those little slower clips in the mean while.. great composition.
  • Wow, my head is still spinning...

    This episode picks up just a little bit before the season finale ended. But the rest of the episode is filled with scenes right after the season finale and four weeks later... So much information is presented, my head is spinning... It feels like I can't absorb it all, there are new characters and all kinds of things that don't make any sense... I can only hope things will be cleared up when I watch the next one.

    I love the thing with Joey Lucas and the poll, at the beginning. Bartlet's running again, though I felt the beginning was a bit anti-climatic, and they didn't really need to show all the things they did from the previous episode. I love the RU-456, or w/ever, and Donna's Hallelujah! Plus CJ was amazing in the briefing room, and her relieved comment. Ouch! But that was a pretty amazing thing when she comes out afterwards. And I love the scenes of everyone at the bar, and Donna eating Josh's food, Toby writing with out paper... It's classic...

    There's just so much to absorb after this episode, I can't wrap my mind around it, I feel like I'll have to watch it three times to completely get everything.