The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 1

Manchester: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2001 on NBC

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  • Beyond the village.

    Well I agree with most others, going back to the season two finale scene was a bad move. I just don't see the need to hurt the appreciation of that scene by showing Bartlet's verbal answer. I think any confusion viewers might have had would have been cleared up two minutes later when we see he has a campaign staff on AF1. Aside from that though, the episode was good, if not especially noteworthy. I'm liking Bruno Gianelli(Ron Silver), the campaign manager so far. He's a jerk, but the kind of jerk you love to hate, or at least I do, plus he's hilarious.

    Bruno: "Hey, red-headed girl."
    Margaret: "Margaret."
    Bruno: "Okay."

    Bruno: "Leo, I'm reading things that would make the cast of Up With People sit down on the floor and cry."

    CJ getting ramped up by that reporter(I'm actually a big fan of that actor) and then sandbagging herself was tough to watch. In addition to feeling bad for her it was just the worst time for a mistake like that. After that and Sam's outburst in Leo's office it's clear the staff hasn't finished processing Bartlet concealing his MS.

    I loved when everyone in the Sit Room gave Bartlet a stand ovation after he announced he would be seeking a second term, even if it was mostly ceremonial. I also liked that Nancy referred to Bartlet as "our boy." It's just nice to know that even with his lack of military experience they've come to respect him as Commander-in-chief.

    All in all a solid start to the third season.