The West Wing

Season 7 Episode 4

Mr. Frost

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on NBC

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  • Good episode, see review for updated regular cast listing

    Don't have level two clearance, but the inaccuracies in the cast lists in this season should be noted. Mr. Frost does not feature Janel Maloney or Joshua Malina. They also do not appear in the opening sequence. Alan Alda is seen briefly in a couple television interviews. An above average episode, with a particularily great performance from Richard Schiff (albiet small) as he reveals to CJ that he is the White House leaker. Someone with clearance please add this to the page information.Or I'll do it when I get clearance. How many of these reviews do I have to do?
  • I don\'t really like The West Wing without Aaron Sorkin, but this was a classic!

    I waited all week to discover who the leak was in the episode, and I had to wait till the very last line to discover who it was. Thankfully, it was a fun filled hour to keep me occupied.

    Allison Janney was a revelation as the sleep deprived CJ. I\'m still trying to get used to the idea of her being promoted from Press Secretary to Chief-of-Staff, and she seems to do very little work in her new position, but tonight she was a revelation.

    The mystery behind Kate Harper (who I have come to love!) continues to deepen and we can see clearly that CJ just does not trust.

    But most importantly: WE LEARN MARGARET\'S LAST NAME.

    Actually no, I\'m still reeling that I never suspected the leak came from ****, although this person liked the likeliest candidate.

    Another top episode from TV\'s slickest drama.
  • The gang's all here! Practically everyone's in this episode and it's a great one.

    In this episode we get almost everybody we've been wanting to see, (except sadly, Miss Moss) Jed, Leo, Josh, Toby, C.J., Annabeth, even Charlie is in this one, a rarity considering Dule Hill's only contracted for five episodes this season. There's a lot of greatness going on in this episode, we get the spectacularness of Leo and Annabeth, who are starting right out of the box with an extreme amount of chemistry. Annabeth, with her high-voiced perky sexiness is just the right person to match the older, wiser, "suffers no fools" McGarry, and it's fun to watch the two bounce off each other, they're quickly becoming one of my favorite couples on this show, amazing considering the lack of history they have in comparison to some of the others.

    We also get Josh trying to deal with Santos' most recent' "mistake", of course since this is Santos, and he's god's gift to the Democratic Party we know it's not really a mistake is it? Santos certainly does have a rousing press conference about the difference between intelligent design and evolution, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's nice to see confirmation that someone can believe in God and still think intelligent design has no place in our school systems.

    Margaret rocks the house in this episode! And we finally get to learn her last name! (Maybe it hasn't been bugging you, but it's been bugging me) She's Margaret Hooper and she kicks ass in her trial scenes. I love her constant poise and attention during the entire thing. One thing I can thank John Wells for, he certainly allowed Margaret to get some well-deserved spotlight that she never got in the Sorkin years.

    Sheen is great as usual with his portrayal of an aging President desperately trying to hold a dying administration together with both hands.

    Obviously the moment we will all remember is the final scene between Toby and C.J. I raise my glass to thee Toby.

    Great work by John Spencer, Kristin Chenoweth, Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Martin Sheen and NiCole Robinson in this one.
  • La campaña presidencial toma un nuevo brio; Margareth es interrogada sobre la fuga de información; ataques suicidas en Medio Oriente… y un final de episodio que nos dejara boquiabiertos.

    Margareth es interrogada sobre la fuga de información acerca de una nave militar en el espacio. El consejo evaluador cree firmemente que C.J. es la persona que ha filtrado estos datos a un periodista amigo del N.Y. Times. Dentro de las acusaciones, Toby y Leo tambien estan implicados.
    La campaña sigue su curso. El debate sobre religión y ciencia se esboza parcialmente, especialmente al preguntar a los candidatos sobre el origen del Universo: ¿creación de Dios, o un hecho meramente cientifico? La respuesta de Santos es una de las mejores posiciones dentro de la rueda de preguntas.
    El asesinato del lider palestino hace temer la paz en el Medio Oriente, y aun mas cuando se establece un complot que ha asesinado a otro presidente de la region. Un singular personaje pedira hablar con C.J. sobre su teoria del complot, pues explica lo que podria venir a futuro de continuar esta racha de asesinatos.
    Los ultimos 5 minutos de episodio nos muestra una C.J. agotada, y asumiendo su rol de posible detenida por la información que salio de la Casa Blanca sobre la nave militar espacial. Testigo de ello es Toby, quien se acerca a su despacho para hablar con ella. En un momento de silencio, Toby dice a su compañera que ha tomado los servicios de un abogado, pues la persona que filtra la información a los medios es el.


    Uno de los mejores episodios hasta el momento. Definitivamente, el final es de impacto. Ninguno de nosotros esperaba que Toby fuera el gancho de información. La conducción del episodio, las tomas, acercamientos y demas ha sido dirigida eficazmente. La trama va tomando mas brillo, ante la proxima salida de Bartlet. Si se han dado cuenta, la actual campaña ha pasado a un segundo plano, pues le estan dando un nuevo interes a la trama dentro de la Casa Blanca.
    Muchas preguntas saltan ante este episodio. Y creo que todas ellas se relacionan a Toby, de por si, uno de los mejores papeles de la serie.
  • a good episode that turns the storie

    this show never stops to amuse me, today i saw the episode where i find that the director and writers have dne a great job twisting the storie and making a new plot for us to enjoy. The way that each caracter is not important to put to the test by the writers has me wondering where the storie is going next. I am looking forwar to see the next episode
  • Toby admits to leaking info to the press.

    I've had a gut feeling all along that it was Toby who leaked the info. It was foreshadowed last season when he got in a fight with Josh over a Santos rival's health care plan. Leo told Toby not to use the power of the WW for personal adjendas. Toby has always played by his own rules anyway. What the heck is up with Annabeth and Leo? I don't believe Leo will have to testify before congress because of Toby coming clean. I'm concerned however they are portraying him to look feeble and old lately. His character is not coming of as nearly as strong as he's been in the past. I believe more and more each week the show is being set up for a Santos victory. I hope I'm right. I still would like to know what's going on with Charlie and Zoey. He asked the prez for permission to marry her last season and we haven't heard anything since then. Am I correct about that??? is there any one who knows the answer? overall a very good episode. As far as I'm concerned there are about 3 good shows on television. This one is the best!!!!!
  • A very strong episode from a series with a lot left to say

    Before I even get into this episode, I wanted to say that this is the best episode of the season, from my point of view. As much as the action at the White House has become less and less interesting over the past season or so, there were a number of elements to this episode that brought back some wistful memories of days gone by. In short, this episode made it very clear that this is an administration, and very likely a series, in its waning months.

    I’ll note that my conjecture about the leak was correct, but I take little pleasure in it. Toby used to be a character with a lot more to do, and his rapid decline in importance has been an interesting if saddening character arc. Toby was once defined by a strong desire to do the right thing, even when it’s foolhardy, and this feels like the last gasp of an idealist. This will not end well for Toby, and in a way, looking back, it’s hard to imagine how it could have been different. He’s just not someone who would slide into obscurity.

    Unlike some of the recent episodes, this one was chock full of plot threads. There’s the breakdown of Bartlet’s Middle Eastern peace plan, which is another metaphor for his influence on the world. Bartlet was quite obviously searching for some place in the annals of history, beyond his censure and scandals, and he thought he had found it. Now, he’s up against an even larger force of history. Contrast this Bartlet to the man who strutted upon the stage in the first season, and the weariness and age are devastatingly apparent.

    It’s an episode like this, similar and yet so very different from the early seasons, that makes me thankful that the series came this far. Sure, it would have been easy to end the series with the lighter, more energetic and idealistic administration that marked the Sorkin years. But the past few seasons have told the other side of the story. Even in the early seasons, there were darker times, moments when it was clear that the best days might never come again.

    Inevitably there are those who would like to stay within the safe and comfortable confines of the first three or four seasons, when the heroes won the day with wit and endless energy and everything was full of promise. But like every administration, that cannot be forever, and there’s the need for a rightful heir.

    I think Bartlet would, in other circumstances, find Santos’ answer about “intelligent design” to be a good and reasoned stance on a divisive topic. It also happens to fall squarely in line with my own stance on the subject. I happen to think that answers borne of belief in a given religion, whatever that religion might be, are best taught by the teachers of religion. Secular science is best taught within the secular realm. Overlap should be incidental. Santos framed it perfectly, and within that delicate structure of thought and reason was a reflection of the early Bartlet. Just a glimpse, but a reflection all the same.

    Other moments added grace notes to the episode: Leo’s concerns about how being served might destroy the integrity of the Santos/McGarry campaign, the short bursts of a too-absent Charlie, the quirky “flirtation” from Annabeth, even the travails of CJ and her attempts to get some sleep. There wasn’t much dead space in this episode, which is a very good thing. More episodes like this would be much appreciated.
  • From The Summery It seems like it may be Margret. My Theory is that it is Toby.

    From The Summery It seems like it may be Margret. My Theory is that it is Toby.

    Here's why, remember when the general or admiral vaguely threatend The president and toby let it slip to the press that secret severvice investigates all threats made against the president and it's white house policy not to comment on them.

    Even if it was toby, he didn't break any laws. He was never informed by Cj or anyone else that there was a military shutle. His brother hinted that there might be one. I don't think it should be considered breaking the law and may be how he can get out of going to jail.
  • Margaret, the assistant to the COS is being interrogated, an assassination occurs in Pakistan. We find out CJ, Leo, and Toby have all been subpoenaed. Samtos gets himself into the religion debate. There's "tension" between Leo annd Annabeth. And at the en

    Overall, a finely written episode that ties up some loose ends very nicely from last year's finale. The assassination(s) were a nice way to see Kate in action more and Mr. Frost's character was rather entertaining. The Presidential campaign was not so much the focus this week as it had been throughout the season; however, we got to see Santos with the issue of evolution and religion in schools and truly got to see more of what Santos believes in that are important issues in the WW world and in our world. The leak is the major issue this week. And it is pretty incredible. I'm not going to spoil anything in this review but the last couple minutes of the show will rock your boat. And next week's preview looks great.
  • Wow~wow~Wow

    I never thought it was C.J. Seemed obvious from the start that while she was calling Brock, they were discrete and even when she was with Danny, they knew where the line was.

    Was happy, no make that thrilled, to see Santos finally play the religion card. Wondered how long it would take to get him back on his heels with that one. Doesn't take a genius to see the writing on the walls for the Republican party.

    I still find it interesting that the conservatives are shown as such villains in both of the current poltical shows.

    Sutherland is a snake away from being Lord Voldemort and the speaker of the house for WW is just as bad.