The West Wing

Season 6 Episode 1

NSF Thurmont

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Leo and General Alexander are in the Situation Room, the monitor shows air strikes being launched. The voice over announces an F-14 launching while the monitor shows an A-6 Intruder moving towards the camera (which changes to an F-14 as it moves away). In the "real" world the A-6 is no longer in service with the US Navy.

  • Quotes

    • General Alexander (talking to Leo): If you don't mind my saying so sir, I hope the President knows how lucky he is to have you.

    • Toby (talking about the President): He already has one Nobel Prize, what does he need another one for? Bookends?

    • Colin: So, you fly halfway around the world at a moment's notice to rush to a woman's bedside when the White House is facing off a Biblical apocalypse?
      Josh: We work together.
      Colin: Past dalliance gone bad, or tragically unconsummated love kept at arm's length by puritanical American workplace ethics?

  • Notes

    • Additional Credit:
      Washington D.C. Production Services by Thinkfilm, Inc.

    • Allison Janney & Mary McCormack also appeared together in "Miracle On 34th Street" and "Private Parts".

    • Ratings:
      8-9PM EST
      Was a repeat/lead-in of a previous TWW Overall: (5.6/ 8)
      Among Adults 18-49: (2.0/5)

      9PM EST showing of premiere
      Overmights: (10.2/14)
      Total Viewers: 12.05 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (4.0/9)

      NBC placed 3rd among networks for the night behind Fox then ABC.

      Timeslot Winners:
      1st > Fox > Game 7 of The American League Championship Series
      Overnights: (22.2/32)
      Total Viewers: 28.66 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (10.5/25)

      2nd > NBC > The West Wing
      Overmights: (10.2/14)
      Total Viewers: 12.05 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (4.0/9)

      3rd > CBS > CSI: Miami (repeat)
      Overmights: (6.7/9)
      Total Viewers: 9.62 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (3.7/9)

      4th > ABC > The Bachelor
      Overmights: (6.2/8)
      Total Viewers: 8.81 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (3.6/8)

      5th > UPN > Kevin Hill
      Overmights: (3.9/ 5)
      Total Viewers: 4.06 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (1.9/ 4)

      6th > WB > The Mountatin
      Overmights: (2.4/ 3)
      Total Viewers: 2.31 million
      Among Adults 18-49: (1.1/ 2)

    • Awards and Nominations:
      This episode won the 2005 Humanitas Prize in the 60 minute category (John Wells)

    • Mary McCormack appears in the opening montage for the first time.

    • NSF (Naval Support Facility) Thurmont is the official name for Camp David.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: NSF Thurmont is derived from the official name of Camp David, which is owned and run by the Navy. NSF stands for Naval Support Facility.