The West Wing

Season 1 Episode 2

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Washington D.C. Street-- The episode opens with Mandy driving her BMW convertible down the street. With the music blaring, she begins to honk her horn. All of a sudden, she chooses to drive her car onto the curb near three men. She then jumps out of the car and it is revealed on of the men is Senator Lloyd Russell the man who Mandy happens to be dating and who is also a possible contender for the next Presidential election. However, Mandy has recently discovered that Russell pushed back a bill until after the midterms, which would have guaranteed him national exposure. Mandy is infuriated as she quit her job at a top marketing firm to run his possible campaign. Russell and his colleagues reveal that he got a promised a good spot at the nominating convention and that he might possibly nominate Bartlet and maybe even a keynote speech in primetime. The two walk alone and he reveals that there was no way it was going to happen this year. She is obviously hurt and knows they rest of the West Wing staff are so happy right now they are throwing a party. Russell tells her that he thinks that the senior staff are better than that. Inside the West Wing--Josh's Bullpen Area-- Josh walks in proclaiming victory and proceeds to dance around as other staffers clap at what Josh has achieved. It was he who brokered the Russell deal. Donna acknowledges that "it's going to be an unbearable day." Credits and Commercials. Outside Toby's Office C.J and Toby are walking and discussing the fact that someone has declined an invitation for a photo op with the President. Outer Oval Office C.J. and Toby ask Mrs. Landingham if the President has any free time this morning and Mrs. Landingham jokingly informs Toby that he is eating Cheerios in the residence. Sam then comes in and C.J. reveals they are going to have to play defense all day because of a joke. Josh then joins them still enthusiastic about his Russell move and all of them make their way into the Oval Office. Oval Office-- Leo and President Bartlet are seeing coming through the door as the group assembles in the office. C.J. then reveals it is the Ryder Cup team who is declining to come to the White House because Bartlet made a joke that offended them. C.J. thinks it's time to talk about his humor, Bartlet thinks otherwise and the meeting continues as usual. Outer Oval Office-- The meeting ends and Leo meets with Captain Morris Tolliver whom Mrs. Landingham was greeting. The two begin to walk toward Leo's office and begin discussing Morris's newborn daughter Corey who has just turned 10 days old. Morris has been filling in as Bartlet's doctor and Leo tells him that Bartlet wants to keep him on full time. Morris states that he is going to be leaving the country next week and will need someone to cover for him. Mandy's Condo-- Mandy's car has just been towed away and inside she reveals to Daisy that Russell is no longer there client. Daisy is now worried how she is going to get paid and Mandy reveals she has a plan. Hallway-- Josh meets up with Toby to discuss Bartlet's recent unfortunate events. He reveals to Toby that they need to gang up on him and confront him about his humor. Briefing Room-- The briefing begins with C.J. being asked about a comment made by the Vice President about the A3-C3. C.J. is blindsided and nothing about this comment and says she hasn't spoken with the Vice President today. She then spins it to talk about the Ryder Cup team and how they "dissed" the White House. The questions then go on about that topic. Commercials Various Hallways-- Josh and Sam discuss the Vice President's comment and it is revealed this is the third time in five weeks he has made such comments about the President. Sam suggests that C.J. make sure that Leo doesn't find out about it and that a vague comment from Hoynes will disappear by tomorrow. Josh's Office-- Sam follows Josh into his office and reveals to him that last week he met this woman named Laurie, spent the night, and found out she was a call girl. Josh is dumbfounded and wants to know if she knows Sam works for the President. She does and Josh is concerned she might say something. Sam wants to call her again and give her a proper goodbye. Josh tells him the relationship can't go on and then Donna knocks on the door to tell him about a meeting. Josh tells Sam he has to talk to Toby no matter how much he doesn't want to. The Mural Room -- C.J. goes to meet with Hoynes about the comment he made. He is in a photo op with a Frenchman and when it ends the two begin to walk down the hallway discussing the matter. Hoynes makes it clear he has no urge to talk to her about the comment and walks away with his entourage. Oval Office-- Morris is checking Bartlet's vitals and they are discussing his daughter and looking at pictures. Morris reveals he is going to Amman to go to a teaching hospital and then tells him about the golfer joke that is the reason the Ryder Cup team has refused to meet with him. Afterward, Bartlet reveals that he always seems to get nervous around the Joint Chiefs but can meet with anyone else and be calm and collected. He also reveals he is not comfortable with violence and knows that America has enemies but doesn't feel violent toward any of them and wonders if that could be considered a weakness. Morris tells him to let the Joint Chiefs know who he really is and that he has "a once-in-a-generation mind", that he should let them get to know him and that he outranks them. Commercials Outside Josh's Bullpen-- C.J. tells Josh Leo needs to seem them in a half-hour. Josh wants to know how the meeting with Hoynes went.. C.J. lies about it by saying it was fine. Mandy's Condo--Night--Daisy and Mandy are discussing Mandy's resume while drinking wine. Daisy suggests to her that they get another client. Mandy doesn't want to but continues to dwell over what could have been. Toby's Office-- Sam goes to meet with Toby about his call girl situation. Toby is clearly angered over the fact and then Sam reveals that Bill Kentworthy from the Wall Street Journal knows he were he was before he met the call girl because they were talking about a situation involving Josh. At that moment, Josh comes to the door and as he, Toby and Sam are the way to Leo's office, they discuss the fact that Josh knew about the call girl before him. Leo's Office-- C.J. and Leo are already there as the three walk in. Josh wants to know if Leo will allow them to get a new media consultant. The whole group , not including Josh, suggest Mandy. This is clearly something he was been fighting against the entire time. He is convinced it is an ambush and says he doesn't want her to have the job because she used to be his girlfriend. With the mention of that, the whole group agrees, and Josh continues his objections. It doesn't work and Josh leaves clearly perturbed. As they are leaving, Leo asks C.J. if she talked to Hoynes today. She said it was just a miscommunication with Hoynes and that he is on board with it all. Oval Office--Night-- Mrs. Landingham gives Bartlet a shirt left by a college group that didn't get to see him. He says he knows they left him something else, steaks. Mrs. Landingham reveals that Dr. Tolliver said he was to cut back on red meat and she took them away per his orders. Mandy's Condo-- Mandy and Daisy are on the floor going through a list of people and are trying to decide who to make as their new client. Josh is seen in the doorway. He walks in and tells them why don't they chose Bartlet. Mandy gets up and proceeds to say thanks and then Josh in the arm and fume about being left out of the loop for a year. His one main rule is that she answers to him and Toby, no one else. She tells him in his dreams. Leo's Office--Margaret informs Leo that Hoynes is there to see him. Leo has found out from C..J.'s comment about miscommunication, that Hoynes didn't actually speak to her at all. Hoynes walks in and Leo proceeds to find out why Hoynes ignored C.J.'s question earlier that day. Hoynes says C.J. should stop running to Leo every time something doesn't go her way. Leo tell her he didn't that she lied for Hoynes and then informs him that whenever C.J. asks him something he had better consider it coming from the White House. Hoynes becomes infuriated and Leo tells him that he had better get his act together or he won't be around there much longer. Commercials Hotel-- Sam goes back to the hotel to meet with Laurie who is at the moment having dinner with a group of people. Sam pretends he's known her for his entire life and "Brittany" as she is known to the group is not too happy with his appearance. Laurie is shocked and proceeds to walk out of the hotel. Sam follows her and tells her he wants to talk to her. Laurie has no urge to speak to him, but wants to know why he wants to speak to her and she reveals she's doing her job to make her way through law school. Sam tells her that he just wanted to tell her he had a great day and just wants to be friends with her. Laurie gives in and asks Sam if he wants to buy her a drink. The two then walk away. Title Card: 3:35 AM White House Portico-- Bartlet is seen disheveled, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, and walking toward the Oval Office. Roosevelt Room-- The staff are all on the phones and it is easy to see something is wrong. Leo is told by a staffer that Bartlet is ready to be spoken to and he walks to the Oval. Oval Office-- Leo reveals to Bartlet that the Air Force transport that had Morris Tolliver on it and 47 others aboard on their way to the teaching hospital in Amman, exploded in midair. Within the past 90 minutes intelligence has suggested that the Syrian Defense Ministry was behind the attack. Bartlet is clearly upset and decides to call Morris's wife and tells Leo he will meet him in the Situation Room. Bartlet has finally realized that he can condone violence and tells Leo to get the commanders ready. Bartlet sits down at his desk and begins to call Morris's wife.
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