The West Wing

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Original Airdate: 3/26/03
Written by: Paul Redford, Debora Cahn, and Aaron Sorkin
Directed by: Alex Graves Abby is upset by a global gag rule in the Foreign Ops bill that cuts budgets at international clinics that discuss abortion. She instructs Amy (whose first day it is working for Abby) to find a way for the president to threaten to veto the bill if the gag rule isn't destroyed. Amy disagrees, but still tries her best to do her job. Amy finally tells Abby that her plan isn't logical, and that it will hurt them in the long run. Abby and Bartlett decide to try to fix the problem after the bill goes into effect. Burt Ganz, an employee at a chemical company, comes to Toby and tells him that his company is causing cancer and that he wants to turn state's witness. It turns out that Ganz can be prosecuted for his participation in filing false documents and lying about his company's pollution. Toby figures out that Ganz came to him, instead of going to his own lawyer, because Ganz desperately wanted immunity and knew only the White House could get it for him. A natural dam in Alaska bursts, and scientists blame global warming. Will agrees to fall on his sword and make a political statement so the White House can publicly chastise him, and still get the word out about global warming. The Daughters of the American Revolution gala is coming up, and Marion Coatesworth-Hayes threatens to boycott because Abby's ancestor was a pirate. Marion changes her tune and agrees to attend the gala after Amy lies that Abby will be presenting Marion with an award. Josh instructs Donna to follow around a gala guest who has a criminal record. Jean Paul has Zoey send Charlie an e-mail telling Charlie to stay away. Jean Paul shows up at the White House to get Zoey. Charlie figures out that Jean Paul is stoned and sends the guy on a wild goose chase. Charlie meets with Zoey and tells her that he loves her and won't stop pursuing her.