The West Wing

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on NBC



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    • Toby: How come he knows about the rule, but...
      Josh: Everybody knows about that.
      Toby: Was something else on your mind that moment in law school when they taught that rule? Were you distracted by a bumblebee?

    • Josh: It's a good package, and I'm celebrating tonight.
      Amy: With the Daughers of the American Revolution?
      Josh: The daughters of any revolution.

    • Charlie: I got a "Dear John" letter from Zoe. She breaking up with me again. An e-mail. It's a "Dear John" e-mail from my ex-girlfriend. This is going to be a high self-image day for me.

    • Will: Amy, we have a problem for your office.
      Amy: No, you can't, 'cause it's my first day and already Mrs. Bartlet has me overthrowing the government.

    • Will: I'm just telling you that if this day ends up with me face-to-face with Marion Cotesworth-Haye, I'm gonna, you know...
      CJ: Laugh inappropriately?
      Will: There's a very real possibility.

    • President Bartlet: They were able to show me an insulin molecule basically scoop up two zinc ions.
      Abbey: Before your very eyes.
      President Bartlet: You're a scientist and you're still making fun of this?
      Abbey: No. I'm making fun of you.

    • Abbey: You're up.
      President Bartlet: Yeah. What the hell's going on?
      Abbey: I gave you an extra hour. I checked the schedule and there's absolutely no reason why you couldn't sleep an extra hour.
      President Bartlet: I know, and when she called me at 5, I was going to say, "Call me back in an hour" and go back to sleep. I was going to do it myself.
      Abbey: You had a little plan.
      President Bartlet: Yeah, now I missed the whole thing.
      Abbey: I accidentally blew your plan and you had advisors on this and everything, didn't you? ...and you had memos from senior staff on "Operation Human Snooze Button".
      President Bartlet: "Operation Resting Eagle".
      Abbey: Oh, no. Please tell me you didn't really name it.
      President Bartlet: You know, I was having a little fun in my sleep. It's how I relax.

    • Abbey: Are you getting up at six tomorrow?
      Bartlet: No, I have to get up early.

    • Abbey: So, we're for freedom of speech everywhere but poor countries. Where they can have our help, but only if they live up to Clancy Bangert's moral standards?! What the hell kind of free world are you running?
      Bartlet: I really don't know Abbey, the day hasn't started yet.

    • Hendricks: So far we've evacuated 250 people but residents along the shores of the lake have been difficult to reach.
      Leo: Why?
      Hendricks: For one thing most of them don't have addresses anymore.

    • Amy: Am I being hazed? Is this a hazing? 'Cause I'll go along and everything but I have to see Josh again so...
      Will: It's not a hazing. They don't do that... except, yes, (to C.J.) you put olives in my jacket again.
      C.J.: I did. I did put olives in his jacket. But this is on the level.

    • C.J.: Mrs. Helena Hodsworth Hooter-Tooter of Braintree wants to organize a boycott of the reception and, well, there it is: Yes, Mrs. Bartlet descends from quite the murderous band of ruffians, and her membership in the DAR is suspect on those grounds. Or so believes the Boston Globe.

    • Amy: You're giving someone an award tonight. I'll explain on the way.
      Abbey: What award?
      Amy: The Francis Scott Key key. I didn't know you were related to pirates. That's pretty hot.
      Abbey: I'm related to a privateer. What is a Francis Scott...?
      Amy: I've written some remarks.

    • Leo: You don't want to stand here for a moment and reflect on the fact that a glacier melted this morning?
      Josh: Well, I would, Leo, but a glacier melted this morning, so at this point, Americans are simply trying to outrun it.

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  • Allusions

    • Josh: (to C.J. and Will Bailey) He got called by the Globe about Captain Feathersword.

      Captain Feathersword is a "friendly pirate" and a character in the immensely popular Austrailian childrens' entertainment group, the Wiggles.

    • Abbey: What's the trouble, Sheriff Taylor?

      Sheriff Taylor was a character on The Andy Griffith Show, a sitcom of the 1960s. He was an easy-going rural sheriff played by Andy Griffith.