The West Wing

Season 4 Episode 8

Process Stories

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2002 on NBC

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  • Aftermath of win..

    So the big night continues and it gets interesting turn when the place of the dead winning candidate is thought to be going to Sam.. he is scared and they try to find to undo it until they all realize - Sam should run.. nice exit stragedy to so important char.

    Also the thing going on with Toby and his ex-wife.. mm.. she is a fighter and at the moment it looks like she is just picking one and it seems to be promising storyline...

    and then everything else.. Leo and the coup d'etat.. Donna and that marine.. and ofcourse Bartlet trying to have his own little party...
  • The Staff celebrates the President win.

    Once again the writers of The West Wing have written another amazing episode. I thought that it was really funny that they started the episode off with Sam finding out that Wilde won the 48th. I loved what CJ said to Sam when he entered her office. I thought that it was really caring of Toby to want Andy to put out a press release about her pregnancy. I liked that she did not want to say anything because she was looking for a fight. I liked that Sam decided to run in the California 48th evan though he knows he will not win.
  • Bartlet wins the election, and everyone celebrates. Someone even boldly decides to run in a race he's destined to lose.

    Ah, the good ol' Aaron Sorkin days. West Wing just hasn't been the same without him. In fact, I don't even watch the show anymore without him (The inexplicable and unbelievable job shifts in Season 6 were enough for me to believe this show jumped the shark) at the writing helm. But, at least we have the first four seasons to treasure.

    One example (which I recently saw) was Process Stories. I love the quirkiness of the episode. Process Stories was particularly light-hearted, and it was nice to have an occasional episode like this. A "sit back and relax" episode.

    Some of my favorite moments in the episode include Sam's "Aristotle" rant, Bartlet's "Who's your Commander-in-Chief?" come-on to Abbey ("You are!"), the fantastic interaction between C.J. and Bruno, and the wonderful chemistry between Toby and Andrea (I adore Kathleen York) -- "You're in this to find a fight." "Yes." "Well...I can admire that."

    You can always tell when Christopher Misiano directs an episode of The West Wing. He has a very simple and very appropriate style to his direction. No strange camera angles or movements -- nice, andante pace -- no gimmicks (An annoying part of Alex Graves's directorial style -- Refer to "Game On", for example). This episode is one of his better efforts. Nice lighting effects, as well, especially regarding C.J.'s office.

    This is certainly not the best episode of The West Wing, but it is one of many examples of how special this show was with Aaron Sorkin at the helm.