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  • The West Wing is a brilliant drama support by an amazing ensemble of a cast...

    The West Wing is a brilliant drama support by an amazing ensemble of a cast. I originally started watching this show in the beginning of the sixth season but recently at the prodding of a friend have started watching from the first season only to find what I though to be an amazing show already was incredible. The departure of Aaron Sorkin really did change the show but it is still an astounding production.
  • The West Wing is NBC's fictional rendering of a Democratic office and features President Bartlet & his diverse staff including a press secretary, vice president, and other secretaries who help the president make his decisions. In the recent season, the ne

    The West Wing began in 1999 facing on President Josiah Barlet, a Democrat who is elected and sworn into office. Bartlet is accompanied by his vice president, as well as several secretaries who help deal with the latest issues happening. The show also faces on treaties made by other countries, conflicts (especially with Cuba), as well as personal issues like the kidnapping of Josiah Bartlet's daughter, and the assasination attempt of Josiah Bartlet.

    Recently, the presidential election has become an important issue. Democrats elected a candidate, and Republicans are going to the convention in the show's 7th season. Throughout its first 5 seasons, though, it remained a staple in the face of television. Though ratings decreased during its previous 3 seasons, it still remains a staple, and constant Emmy winner....

    The West Wing airs Sundays @ 8 this fall on NBC as well as Mon.-Thurs. at 7 pm on Bravo. A lot of seasons are also available on DVD.
  • Formerly a 9 or 10, this show has been going downhill for me.

    Since the departure of Aaron Sorkin, the dialogue, character development and plotlines have suffered. This season, I really missed seeing the cast performing as an ensemble. I found the scenes between Josh Limon and his candidate to be repetitive and whiny. I miss the old spark. Let's hope the next season improves.
  • Best writing on television.

    I started watching West Wing on DVD a couple years after the show debuted. I got hooked from the start and somehow managed to watch three entire seasons over the course of a month.

    The series is smartly written, and features an excellent ensemble cast. Can't wait to see who wins the election!
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