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  • Why can\'t all political sides be shown and represented in tv?

    When you watch this show is like watching CBS, ABC and NBC it has a very straight democratic political agenda and I will say that it shows normal regular people as dopes that don\'t know nothing but the very IVY league pompous know it all as the ones that have got to take care of us poor sobs. Man, I hate this show purely for the simple reason that it doesn\'t show all kinds of view points just one.
  • I'll never get it!

    What on earth could be so engaging about a show based on politics? I suppose the real reason I never liked this show was because at about 12 or 11 I wasn't too interested in politics at that point and after watching this show a few times I just never really caught on to the idea. I hate it.

    Watching The West Wing is worst than watching the weather Channel at least you know what's going on in Idaho with regards to highs and lows. I watched The West Wing years later but I still don't like it - I suppose its the cast I never really liked most of the cast members to be honest. I suppose some people like it - but to me its a complete waste of my afternoon.
  • Suspension of reality is impossible with this scenario.

    OK, let\\\'s see -- the country hasn\\\'t elected an avowed liberal in 30 years (Jimmy Carter), and he was trounced when he was up for re-election. Now, this show wants us to believe that the country would elect a far-left Democrat not one time, but THREE times in a row -- this time over a moderate Republican in the mode of a McCain or a Rudy Giuliani?!? I\\\'m sorry, but I can\\\'t strain reality enough to believe that. Just another example of Hollywood trying to tell everyone how they should think, rather than writing to reflect how America really does think.
  • Really bad desision to watch that!

    "The West Wing" has been a brilliant drama which has stood out from all of the cliched and dumbed-down tv shows for the last four years. It gives us a behind-the-scenes look at national and international politics, and does so reasonably accurately, thanks to the many political advisers on the show.

    Apparently, some viewers have a problem with the following things, so here are some warnings:

    1) "President Bartlet" is a Democrat. This means that many of the policies addressed in the show will be (gasp!) liberal. (For a show with conservative bias, watch Fox News.) 2) The dialogue on the show is quick, witty and intelligent. For those of you accustomed to hackneyed puns and sexual innuendo who may struggle with this, I advise you to have a dictionary or intelligent friend on hand for translation. 3) This is an ensemble cast, which means that _every_ character will get a chance to put on a great performance, and that each actor was chosen for acting ability and not for "hotness". (Also see "The Sopranos" for more information on this "ensemble" concept.) 4) The show also makes an effort to reconcile both Democrats and Republicans, showing the negative and positive qualities of both. The Democrats are not ALWAYS the good guys, and the Republicans are not ALWAYS the bad guys. This is known as "bipartisan" politics, and contrary to popular belief, it is the highest goal that American politics can achieve.
  • Decent show.

    My favorite parts of the series was the very good acting and the characters. I found most of the show quite interesting and also entertaining. It was nice to see a different side of politics and to see the contrasts between real-life politics and show politics. I do have to say I didn't care much for some of the storylines and plots. They really got unrealistic in the last two seasons. Who is going to buy Texas being a blue state and California being red? Overall, this was still a decent show and also has some really good actors and actresses. Thank you.
  • Good but has it's faults

    I've just watched series one and I'm a few episodes in to season two. It's a well written, well acted show. But it's very idealistic. President Bartlett is whiter than white, to the point that he starts to annoy you. The writers have written the perfect president, he always does the right thing. I'm sure the reality is a lot different. That's fine as long as you take the program for what it is, a well written idealistic work of fantasy.
  • Life inside the White House.

    Let\'s face it, The West Wing died when Tommy Schlamme left. I keep saying I\'m going to give it one more episode. I still love the characters, but there is a vast difference between the past West Wing and the present West Wing. Why on earth did they choose to speed up the time of the Bartlett administration? If they had used one season per year in the White House, they could have had eight years! I don\'t really care who the next president is going to be. I\'m just irritated that they changed everything. This show used to be great, but then they killed it.
  • Its well written, but......

    It's an extremely well written show, but at times it bores the crap outta me. Ohhhhhh! The President is talking to one of his advisers, but wait!!! Another adviser just walked into the room! How can the president possibly talk to three people at once!?!!? Like I said, bores the crap outta me. I would rather watch 24..... Thank God for Tivo!!!!
  • Love your show but you must slow down the dialogue.This is what it sounds like -\"Loveyourshowbutyoumustslowdownthedialogue\", no periods, no commas. Can\'t uderstand what they are saying. Also, please lower the background music (noise) especially when 2

    Love your show but you must slow down the dialogue.This is what it sounds like -\"Loveyourshowbutyoumustslowdownthedialogue\", no periods, no commas. Can\'t uderstand what they are saying. Also, please lower the background music (noise) especially when 2 people are having a normal conversation. If you value my opinion please do it.
  • Show about the oval office with excellent first 2 seasons.

    By watching the show again, some episodes after 10 years, I conclude in hindsight:
    The show reached its peak with the final episode of season 2. They totally lost it when Rob Lowe left the show. Afterwards to many new character were introduced and those characters never really got a hold in the story line. For instance the Lowe replacement or the new security adviser. Terry O'Quinn as one of the generals is a good example as well. Usually it's a shark sign if O'Quinn joins a show. I guess it's safe to say at least season 5/6 where a total waste of time. Let's be candid, doesn't the oval office provide enough political stories or do we really have to watch shootings and kidnappings on the lead actors every season finale? However, series 7 provided somehow a comeback with focusing on the Santos campaign. But it never matched the first 2 seasons.
    BTW, could somebody please enlighten me why Barlet in season 7 all of a sudden started to call everybody "kid"?
  • The liberal heros versus the evil conservatives been done so many times it demonstrates Holyweird vendetta against the common American values and promotes limosine liberals elitism.

    Very good acting but the cast is predictable and the casting direction is like a cookie cutter. Hire ONLY actors that are left wing activists and portray Republicans as villians and Democrats as super heroes. The Left Wing is as hypocritical as NPR in free speech and open debate. When was the last time Hollyweird portrayed a positive image of a conservative,Republican,or Christian? Sheen has made is political antics in his private life as a bafoon. Interesting how the loudest liberal for that particular year receives the most accolades and pro conservatives are subject to lieral McCarthism. Americans are tired of the same script of mindthink/mindspeak 1984 Orwellism.
  • About this program.

    it had great written episodes in seasons 1-4, Main Title Theme Music in season one, casting in season 1-2, great acting for Allison Janney in seasons 1-3 & 5, Stockard Channing in season 3, Richard Schiff in season one, Bradley Whitford in season 2, John Spencer in season 3 and Alan Alda in season 7.
  • television in its finest form

    the series ended many years ago now, and yet i can still clearly recall the satisfaction i felt following nearly each episode. this show actually elevates its audience by challenging the viewer to keep up with the energy and pace of sophisticated, contemporary themes presented in a way that feels absolutely relevant.
    the acting is consistently excellent; the actors investing their roles with vast comprehension and a sense of genuine purpose - as if they knew they were participating in something special. in an oddly simple way, the show just felt important, and thankfully, through repeats, it still does. nothing less than television in its finest form.
  • Political drama following the lives of the White House staffers in the west wing.

    My favorite TV show of all time. The West Wing combines my love for politics and drama. It made me wish President Bartlet was MY president. The show is definitely liberal/left wing but I think anyone can enjoy this show. It gives you an inside look into the White House. I don't know how accurate it is but it sure is entertaining. Even if the show dramatizes the west wing, it addresses important events and issues. The show also made me sympathize with the current president. It shows the enormous amount of pressure, decisions, challenges and hatred one man has to deal with.

    Even if you don't like politics, the drama alone can make you hooked.
  • a wonderfully liberal show!

    The West Wing brings everything to the table, wit, humor, intelligence and Democrats. this show is very intelligent and brought a very well thought out insight into the world of politics and the presidency. The nice little loophole that the writers threw in is the fact that they had the president positive for MS. Tragic as it may be it did drive the story real well. I know that people may not agree with me but i think that this is the best way a show could have ended with the Inauguration of President Santos (Smitts) perhaps one day we can have another show that is equal to or better than the West Wing.
  • The West Wing.

    The West Wing is a show about the staff and the day to day operations of The White House under the administration of President Josiah Bartlet. Over all the stories of the show and the cast that brought these roles to life in the show. The best seasons of The West Wing are Seasons 1-4 Win Creator Aaron Sorkin wrote mostly ever word himself. When he left the show was slightly changed but it did not hurt it at all as The West Wing was still great as ever. The only time the show toke a dive is season 6 as when the primaries really wasn't as interesting as the general election was to me.
  • Brilliant political dialogues.

    This is one of the best shows on tv ever. I'm from The Netherlands myself, so I really didn't quite understand the political working of the United States. Thanks to this show I can finally understand some of the political system of the United States. And another great thing this show had going on are the brilliantly written dialogues. Supreme acting by the actors, I especially liked Martin Sheen. That man has an aura of president all over him. I truly enjoyed every single episode. Please oh please bring this show back on tv. I'm glad I still have the dvd's to watch and enyou. It never gets boring to start all over again.
  • I love this show, I love this show!! The West Wing proves to be an instant classic!

    If there is one show on television that will always stand the test of time, that show is The West Wing. I was first introduced to this show in the summer of 2001 when my friend said that I needed to watch it. I told her that I was not big into political dramas and probably would not be that interested. The episode that we first watched together, my first Wing episode ever, was "Someone's Going to Emergency, Someone's Going to Jail". I tell you, I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I fell in love with the show immediately after it was over. It was then my personal goal to make sure that I saw every episode that I could before the new season started in the fall. Well, I tried to see as many as I could before the new season started, but I failed to catch the whole season during that summer. I was able to watch from the episode I first saw through the end of that season, "Two Cathedrals". I was hooked ever since then, not missing an episode, even when I was in the hospital on January 19, 2005 when the West Wing aired "2162 Votes" from Season 6, I made sure that when 9pm came around, my nurse had my tv tuned into NBC! When NBC announced that they would not be bringing The West Wing back for an 8th season, I was very disappointed. There was so much that could have been done with a new President and a new administration. At the same time, I agree with the writers, the show, the network to not renew the series because it could not have ended any better! When the Series Collection was released in November 2006, I saved my money and finally in June of 2007 became the proud owner of the West Wing complete series. I have recently started watching the series over and have fully completed seasons one and two and am falling in love all over again. I can't wait to watch every episode again and probably someday will watch the whole series all over again! There is not any show on television today that can ever match the intelligence and the wit and the overall greatness of the West Wing!
  • Great Show!

    WOW!! This show is amazing!!The writing and the metaphors are fantastic! I am totally in love with it. I just finished season 2 and I was so impress by the season finale, I mean the writers are magnificent they think of everything. The show is so smart and engaging. I really want to recommend to everyone. I have not been so impress form a show since "24"

    You will fall in love with the president, CJ, Sam, Toby, and Leo and even Donna. You will feel like you practically know the character yourself because they are so human and interesting.
    This show is great!!
  • I didn't always agree with its politics but it was definitely an entertaining show to watch.

    I got hooked on this show in 2002, which was around the 6th season. I immediately got the other seasons and found just how enjoyable this program was. I am a Paleoconservatist and while I didn't always agree with everything in the show it definitely showed an entertaining and surrealistic way the White House in run. I was sad to see Rob Lowe go in the middle of the show, he and all the actors I really grew to have an affinity with. Bartlet was a person I could get behind even if I didn't agree with everything he said. Sheen's portrayal of him was excellent and it was nice to see his spin on the character. The only thing I really had a problem with was the MS story line. I think this show was superb in dealing with situations that could arise but haven't yet. There was the President's daughter kidnapped and John Goodman stepped in for President for a short time, brilliant. The situations and questions I had of the inner workings of the White House came out in this show. I don't believe the real one is run like this, but it was nice to see a show have the same questions and tried to answer them.
  • The best drama television has ever produced.

    I did not start watching this show until it was in its third season. It was always on bravo so I started watching it from the beginning. I hate politics so I did not think I would make it through the pilot, man was I wrong!! The cast in my opinion was one of the best ever assembled for tv. I did not even like Rob Lowe before this show but I was sad when he left. I am still saddened by the passing of John Spencer and think with him, Jimmy Smits and Brad Whitford this show could have continued. The plots were great, don't get me wrong sometimes I had no idea what they were even talking about but I just could not get enough of it. I could go on and on about this show but I don't want to bore anyone. All I can say is that The West Wing was my favorite drama ever and I put off watching it for 3 years cuz I thought I would hate it. This is one show I do not think I will ever find a replacement for unless the cast wants to come back and win another election in three years with Dennis Hopper as president. Oh ya I was mad when they cancelled e-ring to.
  • One of my all-time favorite shows. With The West Wing Aaron Sorkin single-handedly got me interested in politics.

    The West Wing is a fabulous television show. With it's unique filmography and cutting dialog it stands alone when it comes to political dramas. Never shying away from policially incorrect topics, The West Wing remained excellent throughout it's entire run.

    The show did hit a slight speed bump in season 5 when Sorkin left the show, but several episodes in when the show settled into its new routine and the viewers got accustomed to the slightly new style it got better.

    Every major cast member turned in brilliant performance after brilliant performace, but my personal favorites were Rob Lowe (Sam), Bradley Whitford (Josh), and Martin Sheen (President Bartlet).

    This timeless show deserved every accolade it recieved. It's based on a Democratic presidency and point of view, but even to the most stout Republican is an excellent watch.
  • This is slowly becoming my favourite TV show - absolutley fantastic in every way!

    Bear in mind that when writing this review I have only watched the 1st two seasons so I am basing this on what i have watched so far. Being English and previously knowing little of American politics this show has opened my eyes and also taught me a great deal. Filibusters, bipartisanship and pocket veto being just a few terms that if asked about a few months ago would've resulted in a blank stare from me!

    The show is also one of the funniest that I've watched before - a lot of the jokes are fairly subtle but this just makes them even better. The acting is also great and although it is only the end of the second season for me I feel like I know the characters and are connected to them in some way.

    This is definatley a show that everyone should watch, and if your not already then you are really missing out on somethiong special.
  • Best show ever!! I cannot get enough of this show! I absolutely love it!

    Personally, I´m in love with Josh Lyman, he´s just one of the best characters I´ve ever seen on TV and Bradley Whitford is just spectacular.
    And the writing was genious! Aaron Sorkin does know what his job is about, and it´s like John Spencer said when he won the Emmy (who didn´t love Leo and want him to be his/her boss): they were given gold, until Sorkin left. However, I was already hooked.
    Althoug I think seasons 5 and 6 were a little weak, I could not stop watching it, because I loved it so much!
    Also the cast was incredible, such talented people! Martin Sheen always left me speechless whenever the President gave one of his speechs.
    I really regreted the fact that Rob Lowe left and we didn´t get anymore Sam. Oh and his relationship with Ainsley Hayes, wow.
    I could write about every single character: C.J., Toby, Donna, Josh, Leo, Jed, Sam, Charlie, but it would´t be even a little bit close to what this show made me feel. I love it, there´re no other words than that. It was great, it had comedy, drama and it was very ver very witty, it kept me on the edge of the chair until the end of each episode.
    I´m so going to miss it!
  • The greatest show of all time. This is drama as it's meant to be done. Sometimes sappy and overly patriotic, but almost always perfect as well. Provides a fascinating look at American politics to even the most ignorant of viewers.

    What do you say about the greatest show ever created?

    The West Wing was truly unique. I've never loved another show as much as I do this one, and I don't expect I ever will.

    My favourite elements were the characters, their interactions with each other, and most of all the depiction of the American political system. It's not a documentary, and it is very idealistic, but it did teach me a lot about Washington politics. It got me interested, and now I follow American politics very closely, with far greater devotion than I give to Australian politics (much duller in comparison). I've also picked up on things that later I hear my teachers mentioning in a lecture (eliciting an excited 'OMG! I saw that on The West Wing!' from me). So it's educational too.

    Sorkin intended the show to be an intimate look at the daily lives of the President's senior staff. National politics was the focus, and it succeeded brilliantly. It was fast paced, engaging, and had more wit and humour in the first four seasons than any other drama I've ever seen. People I've talked to tend to see The West Wing as too serious and boring - but this is based on the last three seasons. The first four blended the drama and humour flawlessly. I became slightly disappointed with the White House storylines of the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. While the campaign storylines were always entertaining, John Wells moved the show from national politics to internatinal diplomacy. The majority of White House storylines in the later years seemed to always involve diplomatic incidents overseas. In other words The West Wing stopped being The West Wing, and became The Situation Room.

    This is not AT ALL to say the show was bad. I still love it to death. It's just the tone and content changed slightly, and while it wasn't as brilliant as the Sorkin years, it was still better than anything else on TV.

    I wouldn't want to bring the show back with a Santos administration. I really liked Santos, but I really REALLY miss the good old days of President Bartlet. He and the staff just seemed completely together, like they were almost destined to be exactly where they were. Leo, Josh, Sam, C.J., Toby, Donna... they just worked so well together. I got very sad when they started to scatter and work for different campaigns. It was almost like a betrayal. I didn't really like C.J. as Chief of Staff. But it's life. People move on.

    Yes, The West Wing could be sappy and overly patriotic. But I loved every minute of it. If only everyone in real life politics were as committed and well-intentioned as the Bartlet administration. We'd all be a lot better off.

    And even though seasons five, six and seven weren't as entertaining as the first four, I'm still giving it a perfect ten. Anything else would be an insult.
  • This is seriously my favorite song and I think anyone that doesn't agree is up a tree. Great show filled with mild humor, wit, sarcasm, and smarts.

    Great sets. They never get old. The sets that the West Wing are shot on are some of the biggest in show business. Respectable, huh?

    Great cast. You can tell they all love their jobs and the people they work with. Josh is outgoing but, still cares for others. Toby is always grumpy but, it is always great when you can tell he is happy and doesn't want to show it. Jeb (President) loves to mess with his staff but, still gets to work and gets things done.

    Great show. NBC made a huge mistake taking it off the air but, you can still catch it on Bravo every once in a while.

    BUY THE DVD'S! It's worth it!
  • Though I wish it were still on-air, I will always have the best memories of this show.

    Every Friday of the second semester of my sophomore year in high school, my Civics and Economics class watched “The West Wing” with our teacher in class. He loved the show and thought it would teach us how the government was run. I quickly became enchanted by the crazy lives of each character as well, and began to try to find ways to watch it at home so I could discuss it with my teacher after class. My love for the show continued after I left the class and when it ended, I had desperately hoped re-runs were in its future, as we hadn’t had enough time to watch from beginning to end. I still hope the show will be available as a tool for generations to come as it was for me.
  • Bring it back! This is definitely the best show ever. Just as you are eager to see what can Santos do, the show is gone. NBC should bring it back, revamp the cast and script.

    I admit, season 7 was a bit weak. But it does leads to a continuation full of possibilities. President Santos character can bring freshness to the show. New casts, new administration should make it an exciting new season. Script wise, could not compare to season 3. The possibilities is still there! NBC needs to bring this show back!

    This show was spectacular, it is such a shame and I do not agree that it should have been canceled. They should oh hung in there for at least a season more, even two. It would have been good to see what it is like for the new President and the staff, the transition and the life of Bartlet after the white house. There would have been alot of spice between Arnold Vinik and President Santos, I really feel that there was alot there to play with. The point of the show was to give a look at what it is like to work in the West Wing, well they really let us down in a part which all wonder really what happenes in the transition year as well as the year that follows for both the incoming and departing P.O.T.U.S. John Spencer... God Bless You and your family.

  • Incredible show. Bring it back!

    I loved this show. It was a fast paced, well written drama with intelligent characters and meaningful plots. It provided a window into the world of White House politics that was compelling and thought provoking. My favorite character was C.J. Craig. How refreshing to watch a strong, intellingent woman in a power position who was also a very real woman. I particularly enjoyed the presidential election campaign that was the focus of the last season. It was nice to watch a campaign from the inside out rather than through the series of sound bites we are presented with in a normal campaign. This was an excellent show and I can't imagine the Fall 2006 season without it.
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