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  • I didn't always agree with its politics but it was definitely an entertaining show to watch.

    I got hooked on this show in 2002, which was around the 6th season. I immediately got the other seasons and found just how enjoyable this program was. I am a Paleoconservatist and while I didn't always agree with everything in the show it definitely showed an entertaining and surrealistic way the White House in run. I was sad to see Rob Lowe go in the middle of the show, he and all the actors I really grew to have an affinity with. Bartlet was a person I could get behind even if I didn't agree with everything he said. Sheen's portrayal of him was excellent and it was nice to see his spin on the character. The only thing I really had a problem with was the MS story line. I think this show was superb in dealing with situations that could arise but haven't yet. There was the President's daughter kidnapped and John Goodman stepped in for President for a short time, brilliant. The situations and questions I had of the inner workings of the White House came out in this show. I don't believe the real one is run like this, but it was nice to see a show have the same questions and tried to answer them.