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  • The best that television has ever been, or probably ever will be...

    I never saw The West Wing when it aired. Being eight years old when it began I imagine I would have dismissed it as the most boring thing I had ever seen. Growing up somewhat and now being able to comprehend the complexity of dialogue and the weight of the situations that are portrayed, I came across The West Wing due to nothing more than the internet. Positive review after positive review lead me to buy it on DVD and at this point I've now watched the show in it's entirety 4 times as well as having watched episodes that sprung to my mind. Aaron Sorkin really created something special with this show. From the outset of the first season you find yourself invested in the characters and the story lines alike. The pace and wit of the dialogue is what I now know is to be expected of everything that Sorkin writes. I can appreciate that there will definitely be people out there that don't like this show and never will. I think it takes a specific type of person, or mindset to really engage in this show, but once you do, you really can't regret it. There are very rarely any episodes that don't keep you entertained or at very least invested in the political situation being dealt with. The season one finale along with the season two opening even delivers quite compelling action to a show essentially about words. The show continues on form throughout Aaron Sorkin's run as the head writer, with the post 9/11 reflection on terrorism and the season four finale being personal favourites of mine. Even after the departure of Rob Lowe's Sam Seaborn and Mr. Sorkin himself, I believe that the show remains at the same level as it was before. I've seen some people disagree and say that the charm had fallen after season four, but in my opinion that isn't the case. Some of the best episodes of the shows entire run come during the campaigns of Vinick and Santos. Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford are my personal favourites of the shows ensemble, but there is not a single actor in the cast that isn't worthy of every second of the screen time they get. Even Matthew Perry's short lived turn as a lawyer delivers an impressive performance. The death of John Spencer was eerily forecast in the sixth season and it really is a shame that he didn't get to finish this journey with the rest of this amazing cast.

    Overall this show is 99% perfect and really is the best thing I've ever seen. Save for the episode about C.J's dad, everything is compelling viewing and I'd recommend it to anyone.