The West Wing

Season 1 Episode 18

Six Meetings Before Lunch

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2000 on NBC

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  • The Jackal, two pandas, and 1.7 trillion dollars.

    I felt like popping a bottle of something myself during the cold open, really was nice to see them get a big win that they so richly deserve(and need). And it got even better after that,

    Sam: Now we're gonna go in there and we're gonna watch CJ do The Jackal, and believe me if you haven't seen CJ do The Jackal, than you haven't seen Shakespeare the way it's meant to be done.

    I concur, though I might give up getting to watch it for Malory. Seeing Toby in such a good mood was nice, and a little odd.

    Toby: You on the other hand should turn that frown upside down.
    Margaret: I'm sorry?
    Toby: Let a smile be your umbrella, Margaret.
    Margaret: Okay, now you're scaring the crap out of me Toby.

    Leave it to Mandy to find a way to ruin it with her panda bear plan. Bartlet didn't have much time in this episode but he still killed it when he was talking about George Washington to Charlie. Josh's meeting with Breckenridge was interesting, discussing reparations, I agree its the kind of thing that's never going to stop being debated.

    Great getting to see the team have something to celebrate, and the plot kept me interested through out the episode.
  • Review

    Spoilers – In the 18th episode of the first season of the hit TV show The West Wing titled Six Meetings Before Lunch. Toby is happy about getting the person on The supreme Court who they wanted on The Supreme Court.
    Josh has a conversation about civil rights reparations. Sam and Mallory argue about school vouchers and Zoey goes to a party where someone was arrested and it creates problems for The West Wing Staff. Over all I liked the episode and the thought Sam's storyline was the best out of all of them all the end of the review.
  • Toby is in good mood until.. candy bar.. no.. panda bear.

    It was charming episode with many different storyline, focus in many characters. Toby has his glory when Mendoza is accepted by Senat. Sam has troubles with Leo's daughter who read some paper he wrote not knowing that it did not reflect his real opinion - but he does not say that and continues arguing with her and all ends quite nice. Josh has to deal with man who has some interesting thoughts about history and slavery and he will have debat all day long. But the main trouble seems to be Zoey again - she was in party where they arrested a young man who had drugs. Zoey is ambushed by a reporter and she lies...
  • Toby's day of jubilee.

    Six Meetings Before Lunch was a great episode of The West Wing. I really liked that the White House was able to get Mendoza confirmed by the senate. I thought that it was great that Toby was in a good mood that Mendoza was confirmed and that before they got all the votes Toby was freaking out about people celebrating to early. I thought that it was funny that the President got mad at the reporters because one approched Zoey at her school. How funny was it that Toby's mood changed as soon as Mandy asked him about getting a new panda bear.
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