The West Wing

Season 2 Episode 16

Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2001 on NBC

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  • The things you're sure of.

    Well not being an Eagles fan that title was a bit misleading, lol. The crazies were back in force for Leo's big block of cheese day. What I love about them is that they always have a valid point to make(well maybe not the DC statehood guys), but it gets drowned out by them taking it into a bizarre direction. Last season with the wolves only road way and this season with the, well...

    CJ: "I'm meeting with the Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality? What do map makers have to do with social equality?"
    Leo: "I guess you're about to find out."
    CJ: "Well probably not, because I won't really be listening to them."

    The entire scene where Leo's handing out the assignments was great. Especially Margaret letting everyone know she put no thought into who received which assignment and Toby's illustrious history of protesting.

    Josh: "How the hell old were you when you were protesting?"
    Toby: "My sisters took me. (Everyone snickers) Anyone have a problem with that!?"
    Leo: "No one has a problem with that!"

    His scenes at the WTO were also hilarious.

    Sam's plot involving Donna and her friend provided some excellent drama. I felt really bad for Sam, to find out his dad was having an affair for 28 years is pretty rough. On top of that to find out a guy he had thought was innocent, at least since his thesis at Princeton, turns out to be guilty of treason and responsible for the death of at least one woman, added up to a pretty bad day for Sam. His scene in the stairwell with Donna was incredibly well acted and written. TWW, and especially this episode, have definitely changed my feelings on Rob Lowe. he's convincing in every emotion he displays.

    Giving these a number rating really is getting pointless for me. They are just varying degrees of excellence.
  • Big Block of Cheese Day... again...

    It is the time of a year when minorities have their voice and it usually ends in laughter. CJ has to deal with some people who try to show how maps should be and it was just funny. I do not say what they said was not right but the way it was done - it was a perfect example of the intelligent humor this serie has.

    The more serious topic is given to Sam who has to deal with Donna's friend's dead grandfather who was thought to be traitor and so he has to find a way to grant pardon for him but learns a truth while doing it and it is not what he expected. And in the end, there is hard decision for him. Very good acting on that part.
  • Perfect mix of drama, comedy and social commentary.

    This episode gave Rob Lowe the chance to do show his acting chops. It starts "in medias res" with a plot line about Sam's father that serves only to put some extra dramatic dimension into what follows: Sam discovers that a man he felt was innocent - and someone's father - did in fact spy for the Soviets. The many different emotions he goes through could serve any actor as a concise summary of his craft. Rob Lowe pulls it off beautifully, never going over the top.

    Of the other story lines the most interesting one is Toby's confrontation with modern day protesters and his scorn for the way they handle things. Richard Schiff is brilliant in his sarcasm, as usual, but can also suggest melancholy with a fleeting look or gesture.
  • Another big block of cheese day.

    I thought that this episode Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail of The West Wing. I liked that Leo decided to do another big block of cheese day. I thogutht that it was really funny that CJ was meeating with an organizition that wanted the map of the world to be changed because it was not accurate. I felt bad that The President did not get his chocie of where he wanted his Presidental library. I also felt bad for Sam that he was helping a girl try and prove that her grandfather was not a spy but learned that he was.
  • Big Block of Cheese Day!

    Awww... This episode just rocks so much. Sam is always under appreciated, and this one is all about him, I love it! His thing with Gault and his dad, it's just so well done, and Rob Lowe acts it out perfectly. I also love him and Donna being friends, and his sugar throwing. Such a sweet guy.

    Toby's so funny too, he's great though, I love him and the police woman, they were great.

    I LOVE Cartographers for Social Equality! OMG, how amazing is that??? So great. I love that scene so much.

    Plus it's Big Block of Cheese Day, so you know, it's like ten times better than any episode...

    Definently a classic. LOVE IT!
  • Sam, oh Sam. One of the few episodes which really highlight him as a character.

    This episode combines the perfect mix of humor, drama and surprises. The depth of Sam's character is really revealed as we learn of his relationship with his father. The emotion used by Rob Lowe as an actor in this episode is beautiful. The scene between Donna and him in the stairwell shows exactly the type of moments I watch this show for. Sam's passion for all his work develops in this episode highlighting the eerie comparisons between his mentor and he, Bartlet.

    And of course, with another installment of Big Block of Cheese Day, this episode is made to be filled with humor. Replacing the wolf Pluie in this installment are crazed cartographers which make us all wonder about the quality of learning in our own geography classes. This along with a wonderful dynamic duo of Toby and the officer and the WTO Rally who explore the humorous ideals of lobbying against free trade.

    "Somebody's going to emergency, somebody's going to jail," the song's beautiful irony is not lost in this emotionally revealing episode.
  • big block of cheese day. protestors. maps. pardons. national libraries. fathers and sons. a classic west wing episode. :)

    this was just ... amazing! one of the show\'s finest and one of Sorkin\'s too. no words .. no words can truly explain how great this episode is.

    Rob Lowe was exceptional! he should\'ve won an award for this .. and i\'m glad he was acknowledged for this episode. he was just .. truly awesome.