The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2002 on NBC

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  • ...not shaken.

    Bartlet was on fire the entire episode, he definitely earned his self imposed title of "Magic Man." He was even able to find the humor in dealing with the crash of the truck carrying nuclear waste in Idaho, which was a pretty scary scenario. I loved his joke about how he should deal with the governor.

    Bartlet: "I should set a ransom. 'I'll tell you what the radiation level's are, but first I want your electoral votes.' Or is that a bad strategy?"
    Leo: "It's pretty bad."
    Bartlet: "OK, no ransom, we'll play this one straight."

    I also loved his scenes with Charlie when they were filling Charlie's tax return. Bartlet calling in the two secret service agents to "collect" from Charlie had me rolling. It was really touching when Bartlet told Charlie he had gotten him the DVD player, any guy that works that hard for that little and still donates to charity deserves a little theater quality sound. My favorite line was in the scene when Charlie finally gives up and writes out he check for what he owes.

    Charlie: "We don't want people to save and reduce their personal debt?"
    Bartlet: "We do, but when the next guy's president."

    Even his delivery when he says, "Donnatella" as she walks into the Oval Office cracked me up for some reason, and it was pretty nice of him to set up the phone call with her English teacher that was retiring. Donna trying to convince Josh to get a proclamation for her provided some more laughs as well.

    Every time I think I have the Vice President figured out he trips me up just by being a good guy. I thought it was pretty admirable of him to fight to keep Leo in their AA meetings, granted he was the one that invited Leo in the first place, but still. His scenes with Sam earned him even more respect, I thought it was pretty selfless of him to take his name off his own bill. Realizing getting the bill passed was more important than getting the credit for it wasn't the kind of thing I would've expected from Hoynes. By the time his scene with Bartlet and Leo in the Oval happened I was wholeheartedly behind keeping him on the ticket. I also have to say I agree with his assessment of Hockey, but the funniest line to come from the Hockey discussion was Sam pitching his idea of a sumo wrestler goalie to Josh.

    Sam: "My idea's totally enviable?"
    Josh: "Well, you're a democrat, it's a pretty big club."

    A little heavier on the humor than the drama, but that's certainly not a bad thing when its being done as well as TWW.
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