The West Wing

Season 4 Episode 9

Swiss Diplomacy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This was the second of only three episodes to have not been written or co-written by Aaron Sorkin during the first four seasons, the others being season one's "Enemies" and this season's "The Long Goodbye."

  • Quotes

    • Leo: Please don't forget all politics are local.
      Bartlet: Ah. Bite me!

    • Donna: You're the reason there are term limits.
      Josh: Yeah? You're the reason-- (pauses) Nothing. Nothing's happening. Nothing's there.

    • Toby: The president says all you need is one, the rest is for ego.
      Karen Kroft: Aha, and how many did the president win by?
      Toby: About three and a half million.
      Karen Kroft: Yeah.
      Toby: He's got a pretty healthy ego, though.

    • Leo: I'll talk to him.
      Ambassador Von Rutte: The president?
      Bartlet (on TV): Don't get me wrong Mark, I think January's a good month but...
      Leo: Yer, the president, generalissimo, whatever he comes back as.

    • C.J.: I think Andy's about to get sued for election fraud.
      Toby: Andy was trying to get sued for election fraud.
      C.J.: Really?
      Toby: Yeah. She's a pistol.

    • Abbey: Am I dreaming, or are you talking to me about foreign policy? Not worried the sky is going to fall down?
      Jed: No, but I'm concerned about spousal abuse.

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