The West Wing

Season 5 Episode 19

Talking Points

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2004 on NBC



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    • Carol: Ben needs to stop by before you leave for Brussels.
      C.J.: No. Tell him it's a bad day. He can't. Tell him I'll call him from the plane.
      Toby: You're going to Belgium. He wants to make sure you don't sample the endive.
      C.J.: I can't become one of those women who wait by the phone, eyes a-fluttering.
      Toby: "Eyes a- fluttering"?
      C.J.: You know, parasol's a-twirling.
      Toby: Ah.

    • Bartlet: Anybody got any crayons so I can color in my Ph. D.?

    • Ryan: Where you going?
      Josh: To meet Congressman McKenna.
      Ryan: That's funny, actually.
      Josh: No, it isn't funny. He's a two-bit jerk of a House member. He holds us hostage every time we have a budget or a trade deal, or enough discretionary authority to buy an ice cream cone. I've got the Speaker of the House in ten minutes. I'm gonna smile, bob my head, and stick him in the outbox.
      (The two walk into the Roosevelt Room together)
      Josh: Beat it. I've got a meeting.
      Ryan: So do I's the thing.
      Josh: It's just me and McKenna.
      Ryan: I'm his new Legislative Director. Hi. He figured it'd be leverage enough that he's on two authorizing committees and can stall half your budget priorities. Is this the part where you smile and bob your head?

    • Josh:Tell Donna wherever Skippy the translator's going, she should go, too.
      Ryan (as Josh is walking away) He says give that dashing, young Ryan a great big...
      Donna: Harpo can hear, bright boy.

    • Ryan: Today's my last day at the White House.
      Josh: Thank you.
      Ryan: I was hoping you'd give a toast at my going-away party.
      Josh: How about a plaque, for best impersonation of a blue blazer?
      Ryan: So, you're coming to the party?
      Josh: I'm having my own celebration with five cloves of garlic and the cast of "The Exorcist."

  • Notes

    • Mary McCormack joins the cast as Kate Harper, credited as a special guest star. She does not appear in the opening montage until Season 6, Episode #111 - NSF Thurmont.

  • Allusions

    • Bartlet: Hey, listen: Any economic advancement involves what Schumpeter called "creative destruction."

      Joseph Alois Schumpter (1883-1950) was an Austrian economist was the first person who used the term "creative destruction" in 1942 in his work Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. He stated "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one." Essentially, it means that creative destruction happens when something new kills something old. He also stated that creative destruction was the essential part of capitialism.