The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 19

The Black Vera Wang

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 08, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • CJ's stalker uses an AOL ID, "bill182."

    • Leo and Fitzwallace make two fairly large errors when discussing the possibility that Dover Air Base, Fort Meyer and the White House are possible terror targets.

      First, on the map, all three locations have the same longitude and latitude coordinates, which would put them all on top of each other. As Leo is a former pilot and Fitzwallace is a Navy man, both should have realized instantly that these long/lat coordinates were wrong.

      Following are the correct long/lat indicators:

      39'07Œ42 N,75'27Œ53 W Dover Air Force Base

      38'52Œ49 N,77'4Œ47 W Fort Meyer

      38'53Œ51.61 N,77'2Œ11.58 W The White House

      Second, the long/lat indicators on the maps, 29'30Œ N, 45'45Œ E, are coordinates at a location roughly 130 miles east of Kuwait, and obviously not on the North American continent like the three locations should be. Coincidentally, if the latitude coordinate was changed to west instead of east, it would put all three "targets" in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Bartlet: Isn't Shareef supposed to be helping us with intelligence
      out of Qumar?

      Qumar is not a real country.

    • Fitz:The NSA's been monitoring web sites of the Bahji cell operating out of Syria. They've been looking for pictures codes and they intercepted cellular calls.

      The Bahji terrorist cell is made-up.

    • Leo incorrectly states that Fort Myer is in Maryland, when it's actually in Virginia.

    • Barneys doesn't have a store in the Washington, D.C. area. The closest one to the nation's capital is the flagship store in Manhattan.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: Good morning!
      Donna: My man!
      Josh: Yes.
      Donna: You came back to me.
      Josh: Just like I promised.
      Donna: I missed you.
      Josh: When did you find you missed me the most?
      Donna: The nights.
      Josh: Of course.
      Donna: Did you bring me anything?
      Josh: I did.
      Donna: Where is it?
      Josh: It should be in my office.
      Donna: (she sees the package on his desk) Wow!
      Josh: Open it.
      Donna: I'm just happy it's not moose. What is it?
      Josh: Moose. It's sauna-smoked moose meat. Nicely packaged in a burnt pine box--the hinges are made from handwoven Lapland ribbons.
      Donna: I missed you so much.
      Josh: Where am I supposed to be right now?
      Donna: The basement, Office C.

    • C.J.: There's no way you're letting me walk out the door, so what is it we're doing?
      Simon: I'm sorry?
      C.J.: What's your plan for me?
      Simon: I don't have a plan.
      C.J.: Are you gonna let me drive myself home?
      Simon: No. [holding up something] I've got your spark plug. Is that what you meant?
      C.J.: You've got my spark plug?
      Simon: And your battery. Fuel pump, starter relay, timing belt, the ignition fuse. And well also the engine, I guess.
      C.J.: Did you leave me anything?
      Simon: Wiper fluid. You can clean your windshield. No, actually, you need the battery.

    • Sam: [holding up an envelope] What's this?
      Ginger: I don't know. It's marked "personal."
      Sam: You don't know who sent it?
      Ginger: There's no return address.
      Sam: Think it's porn?
      Ginger: I don't know.
      Sam: Cause I'm pretty tired, but if it's porn, I mean, really good porn... By the way, if my innocent joking's making you uncomfortable in any way...
      Ginger: No, I'm hoping it's porn.

    • Bartlet: I'm not going to the bunker. There are going to be people who aren't going to the bunker, and when I get out I'm not going to be able to tell them what to do anymore and I like doing that. Let's get Abby to New Hampshire but I'm not going to the bunker. And if you say I have to, I'm walking across the alley with the Chief Justice and I'm handing John Hoynes my resignation. And as soon as he's sworn in I'm telling him to appoint me his Vice President because I'm not going to the bunker. If the agents come, the agents come, but tell Ron he'd better bring more than a couple of guys.

    • C.J.: Anything else, Agent Sunshine?
      Simon: It's Special Agent Sunshine, but that couldn't matter less.

  • Notes

    • Music: Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" plays when C.J. takes her niece shopping.

    • Donovan mentions that he was a cop in Chicago, which may be a sly reference to Mark Harmon's starring role as Chicago detective Dicky Cobb in Reasonable Doubts.

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