The West Wing

Season 7 Episode 13

The Cold

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Santos Staff is looking for polling numbers. Santos is up by 6 points in California. Donna and Bram run through the hotel halls banging on doors and informing others of the results.

Donna gets to Josh's room and stops to wait until he answers the door so that she an tell him the good news face-to-face instead of yelling it from further down the hall. Bram is wearing a nice t-shirt.

Josh answers very sleepily and Donna comes in. She tells him about the polls and informs him that Santos is tied nationally with Vinick. They both get really exited. Josh squees, grabs Donna, and kisses her. They stare for a bit at each otherafterwards and then kiss again.

Santos shows up and they stop kissing. Josh hugs Bram.

Bruno, Sheila, and Vinick are in the war room discussing the new poll numbers and none of them are happy. Bruno can't get any supprot and it looks as if they may start shutting him out of the decison process altogether.

Vinick has a seriously gross cold.

Back in the Oval Office Bartlet, Kate, and C.J. are dicussing the situation in Eurasia. They are going to evade but they aren't going to call it an invasion. Jed doesn't like it but they are out of options.

Kate and Will flirt and talk about the fact that she left his bra at his place and that he has it in his desk. They do not disclose they relationship to the rest of the staff though, most especially C.J.

Josh, Santos, Leo, Bram, Donna, Ronna, and Annabeth are heading for the elevator and short little Annabeth's hair get caught in the closing elevator door.

The gang gets downstairs and walks through the unrealistic kitchen store room of the hotel and they future plans and strategy for the campaign. Vinick is headed south and they need to hit the battleground states. Josh is going to have Joey Lucas test some language. Josh and Santos tell Bram to tell advance that they are heading to California. Josh climbs into a car where Donna already is and they exchange looks. They act coy.

Vinick doesn't want to deal with the Bible-thumpers but he knows he at the last resort stage. Sullivan calls in his friends.

Santos and Vinick meet with the President and find out that whoever wins the race is gonna be saddled with a war that will hamper on the possible progress of their first 100 Days.

Sheila quits as a Vinick scapegoat for the California mess but promises him she'll still be there behind the scenes. She tells him that he needs to start campaign to the base and that Jane will help him do that.

Josh misses Donna's mark but both of them look like there will be another chance to give it a go in the very near future.
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