The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 7

The Indians in the Lobby

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Toby demands the ZIP code for Fargo, whoever looked it up for him got it really wrong. "50504" isn't a ZIP code for anything -- unless it's one of those fake TV "555" numbers. The most direct ZIP code for Fargo, ND, is 58103.

    • Josh keeps referring to the Dekalb County D.A., and he pronounces it as if the "L" is included, when in fact the "L" is silent in the Georgia pronunciation. We say "Dee-Kab" County down here.

    • Although in the past Georgia has executed children as young as 12 years old, under current law no one under the age of 17 can be sentenced to death.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: Why isn't this conversation being held in the DeKalb County D.A.'s office?
      Leo: It's taken on an international flavor.
      Josh: Much like myself.

    • C.J.: How do you keep fighting these smaller injustices when they're all from the mother of injustices?
      Maggie: What's the alternative?

    • C.J.: I can hang in there with the best of them, sir, but somewhere in the discussion of anise and coriander and the other 15 spices you like to use to baste a turkey, I just lost consciousness.
      Bartlet: You know that line you're not supposed to cross with the President?
      C.J.: I'm coming up on it?
      Bartlet: No-no. Look behind you.

    • Bartlet: This time of the year there should be a hotline you can call with questions about cooking turkey. A special 800 number where the phones are staffed by experts.
      Charlie: There is.
      Bartlet: What do you mean?
      Charlie: The Butterball hotline.
      Bartlet (pauses, takes off his glasses and stares at Charlie): Butterball has a hotline?
      Charlie: Yeah. It's an 800 number, the phones are staffed by experts.
      Bartlet: Are you kidding me?
      Charlie: No.
      Bartlet: God, I'm sorry, I love my country. Charlie, get me the number for the Butterball hotline.
      Charlie: Yes, sir.

    • Bruno: I have difficulty sometimes talking to people who don't race sailboats. When I was a teenager, I crewed Larchmont to Nassau on a 58-foot sloop called Cantice. There was a little piece of kelp that was stuck to the hull, and even though it was little, you don't want anything stuck to the hull. So, I take a boat hook on a pole and I stick it in the water and I try to get the kelp off, when seven guys start screaming at me, right? 'Cause now the pole is causing more drag than the kelp was. See, what you gotta do is you gotta drop it in and let the water lift it out in a windmill motion. Drop it in, and let the water take it by the kelp and lift it out. In, and out. In, and out, till you got it. The voters aren't choosing a plumber, Mr. President. They are choosing a president. And if you don't think that your family should matter, my suggestion to you is to get out of professional politics. And if you think that I'm going to miss even one opportunity to pick up half-a-mile boat speed, you're absolutely out of your mind. When it costs us nothing, when we give up nothing?! You're out of your mind.

    • Bruno: The same way P.T. Barnum sold a truckload of white salmon. By sticking labels on them that said "Guaranteed not to go pink in the can." I have this fish thing going on today.
      Toby: What the hell are you--
      Bruno:Are you telling me this formula has been broken for years and the other guys haven't fixed it? Like that... A truckload of white salmon...have you ever even heard of white salmon?
      Toby: No.
      Bruno: I could sell anything.

    • Bartlet: With the ingredients for stuffing you have to cook them before you put them in the turkey, and you're not going to know whether I did or not.
      Abbey: I'll do what I always do with anything you cook. I'll wait for the girls to eat it first.
      Bartlet: Me, too.

  • Notes

    • Awards and Nominations:
      This episode was nominated for a 2002 Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series (Paris Barclay).

      Nominated for 2001 DGA Award in Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series Night (Paris Barclay).

    • This episode was originally called The Butterball Hotline

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