The West Wing

Season 5 Episode 13

The Warfare of Genghis Khan

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2004 on NBC

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  • A great West Wing.

    West wing never has a shortage of great episodes every season, this is probably the first great episode of The West Wing since Aaron Sorkin left at the end of season 4, the use of the Nuclear threat with Israel also with Josh and his N.A.S.A make it a truly compelling episode, we even in the end come to understand Israel\'s reason for testing their bomb and sympathize with them, at the end of the episode we hear the music of Blind Willie Johnson which mixes in amazingly well with Jed looking at the images of the nuclear blast. This is truly one of the best west wing episodes.
  • Stars and nuclear bombs..

    So, this episode had quite intense atmosphere and quite many different storylines. I think the nuclear threat one was probably the most intense.. having that motion and that great conflict all around. I loved Toby, trying to find a peaceful solution for it, but it did not seemed to work as they were considering UN. And the way, they figured out who did that testing.. loved that twist.

    And then ofcourse Josh and his NASA storyline.. that stargazing was great idea, and the idea he presented to Donna.. good to see him doing little dreaming.

    And CJ and being out of a loop.. Great and though provoking.
  • A whodunit story about nuclear bomb testing, where the VP helps solve the mystery. Josh meets with NASA reps about landing humans on mars!

    I absolutely loved the contrast about the two different facets of technology! The two very different uses of technology (nuclear bomb vs. space shuttle to mars) were presented in a wonderfully contrasting manner! Josh's speech to Donna about that very fact- about how we have used technology and how we may use it, and how that was shown while the Isralie PM was entering was very effective.
    More is revealed about the VP's character and why exactly Jed chose him was highlighted by his unexpected assistance in solving the entire mystery about who was testing nuclear weapons!
    Also I loved the star gazing scenes and CJ's entire side story of being called a chicken!!