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  • Season 5 Episode 21: Gaza

  • Goof: Donna and Colin are drinking juice in the bar after just meeting. As Colin picks up his glass of juice, his fingers are at the top of the glass as he starts talking to her. As she replies, the camera focuses on her and now Colin's fingers are now on the middle of his glass.

  • In this episode, Donna visits the settlement of Kfar Darom. The issue of evacuation arrises, and the settlers say that they will never leave it because they believe it's their moral obligation to stay there. In reality, several years later the IDF began evacuating settlers in the settlements surrounding Gaza, and Kfar Darom was the last stand of the settlers, who barricaded themselves in a synagogue in town and refused to be removed from the town. Eventually, the IDF broke the barricade and evacuated the settlers by force.
    More information on Kfar Darom can be found here:

  • Yossi, the Israeli border guard soldier Donna speaks with, tells her about two female soldiers who were killed by a terrorist in their barracks.

    This is in fact a true story. On the morning of the 24th of October 2003, a terrorist acting in the name of Hamas and Islamic Jihad infiltrated the IDF base at Netzarim (near the Gaza strip), and killed two female soldiers in their barracks. Their names were Sgt. Sarit Shnior and Sgt. Adi Osman, both nineteen years old. Also murdered in that incident was Sgt. Alon Avrahami, twenty years old.

  • The uniform worn by the Israeli border guard was accurate rendition of an IDF uniform apart from the head-cap. Soldiers at border passings wear full protective gear - which includes a ceramic bullet-proof protective vest, and a helmet.

  • Mrs. Fitzwallace is called Gail in this episode, but her husband referred to her as Laura in "The Dogs of War".

  • Season 5 Episode 20: No Exit

  • Tularemia,Francisella tularensis, is known as Pahvant Valley plague, but is better known as Rabbit Fever and is not to be confused with what is generally known as The Plague (the Black Death, killer of 1/3 of Europe), Yersinia pestis, as seems to be implied by the doctor's reference to it in this episode. Its symtoms include fever, lethargy, anorexia, septicimic signs and inflammed lymph nodes that sometimes suppurate - which does look like the bubonic plague. The respiratory signs the doctor mentioned, however, are not associated with Tularemia or Bubonic Plague. Plague used to be said to have the bubonic strain and a respiratory strain (which was a more certain death than the bubonic) but that has since been disproved by analysis of Yersinia pestis. It is now thought to be likely that other illnesses contributed to the dramatic loss of life. Interestingly, in September of 2005 Tularemia was detected on the Mall in Washington, D.C after an anti-war demonstration. No infections were reported, however.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Talking Points

  • Although mentioned as a major media conglomerate, MertMedia does not actually exist.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Access

  • *Season 6 spoiler* - The narrator of the show, which is supposedly broadcast after Bartlet leaves office, says CJ served two terms as press secretary. The writer didn't know that in season 6 she would be elevated to chief of staff, so it would have been more correct to say she served a term and a half as press secretary.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: The Supremes

  • President Bartlet has nominated 3 Supreme Court justices, including Roberto Mendoza in "The Short List" from the first season, and Christopher Mulready and Evelyn Baker Lang in this episode.

  • Josh certainly has a jaded view of the Supreme Court. First, he says there are six centrists, two conservatives and Ashland, a liberal. That makes nine jurists, except that one of the conservatives has just died! Second, he seems to have forgotten that Mendoza, confirmed in the first season, was considered a hardline liberal. Either Josh is such a lefty he considers Mendoza a centrist or Mendoza actually compromised his positions and became one, which seems inconsistent with his character as established in the first season.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Eppur Si Muove

  • During the filming of this episode, PBS also filmed Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, and Lily Tomlin dancing to the song Boogie Woogie Sheep for their special "Sesame Street Presents: The Street We Live On," which first aired on Sunday April 4, 2004.

  • Season 5 Episode 13: The Warfare of Genghis Khan

  • Alex tells Josh that the sky is blue because blue has the shortest wavelength of visible light. That's incorrect -- violet has the shortest wavelength.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Slow News Day

  • When Toby and Gaines exit the Russell Senate office building, it's not the real one, but the Postal Museum near Union Station. The real Russell building is a lot closer to the Capitol, which can be seen far in the distance. The Dubliner restaurant is clearly seen in the close background with the Irish flag flying.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: The Stormy Present

  • Josh went to Yale Law School.

  • It was something of a faux pas that the First Lady didn't attend the funeral of a former President with her husband.

  • Diana Douglas is the mother of actor Michael Douglas with whom Martin Sheen is close friends.

  • When the president is visiting the Lincoln Memorial at the end of the episode he appears to be completely alone. Normally, there would be secret service agents not far away.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Abu el Banat

  • This is the second time we see Gus Westin, Bartlet's grandson, but the first time the character gets any real screen time or lines. The first time we see him is in "7A WF 83429."

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Shutdown

  • Goof: On Day 3 of Shutdown, the team are eating pizza in the "war room". CJ takes a large bite but in the next shot over her shoulder we see a complete piece of pizza.

  • Jed talks about a basketball game between Providence and Notre Dame, but both teams are in the Big East conference where conference matchups rarely occur this early in the season.

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