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The West Wing

NBC (ended 2006)



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  • Season 3 Episode 15: Dead Irish Writers

  • Although the Americans refer to him as Lord John Marbury, Marbury describes himself as "John, Lord Marbury" and gives a list of his other family titles. This means that he should always be addressed as Lord Marbury, not Lord John. The two are mutually exclusive. The only way he could be Lord John Marbury would be if he were the younger son of a Duke or Marquess, and thus not due to inherit the actual family title.

    However, in referring to himself he would also say "Marquess of Needham and Dolby" *before* saying "Earl of Croy", as Marquess is a higher rank, and titles are given in descending order.

  • Even though several scenes in this episode occurred during a large party, there were only five guest stars and one co-star listed in the credits for this episode.

  • Jed asks Abbey which organ in the body produces hydrochloric acid, and she responds "the pancreas", which is incorrect. Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach. The pancreas produces a substance which decreases acid.

  • Everyone talks during the playing of the Canadian national anthem, "O, Canada", which is extremely rude. Protocol, as well as good manners, demands that listeners at an official function stand quietly at attention during the playing of any national anthem.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Hartsfield's Landing

  • Actually New Hampshire does allow voters to switch party affiliation on voting day, and undeclared voters can vote in either party's primary. So while the primaries are separate--there's no overall winner--voters like the Flenders could indeed vote in the Republican primary if they so desired. It should also be noted that sitting presidents can still receive votes in the primary even though the nomination is assured. Finally, it is possible that the media would report on the candidate receiving the most votes, even though that candidate was really only competing against other potential nominees in his or her own party.

  • The storyline involving Hartsfield's Landing is misplaced in the timeline. It is supposed to be the first primary, but everything in the storyline indicates the November election.
    First of all, there is no democratic primary because the President has the nomination already. Therefore, the only primary is the Republican primary, in which only registered republicans can vote. So, when Josh says that news channels will have nothing but Hartsfield's Landing to report for hours and he wants them to be reporting that 'we won' - he cannot possibly be talking about the primary that should be occuring.
    Second of all, Toby and President Barlet predict that Richie will be the republican canidate, but it is not yet certain because the primaries are still going on. Yet, the Fletchers are going to vote for Richie as opposed to the President, not as opposed to other republican canidates. In addition, it is implied that they are democrates because they have supported the President in the past, so it is unlikely that they are registered republican. Thus, they should not be voting in this election at all and Donna should not have to stand out in the cold at night. She has a few months before the Fletchers will be voting for a President.
    Thirdly, CJ gives the number of total voters in the town and says that they will all cast their ballot at 12:01. Incorrect; as stated above, only registered republicans will be voting. If the town has accurately predicted the next president in every election, it cannot be all republicans.

  • Toby referes to the King of Sweden as "King Gustav", which is wrong. His full name is Karl XVI Gustav, and would be properly refered to as "King Karl" - or, even more proper, "King Karl Gustav", since that is his name.

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Night Five

  • At the end of the episode, we see a framed photo on a lamp table in the president's private study. It is of Bartlet's father, as portrayed by series producer Lawrence O'Donnell.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: The Two Bartlets

  • Donna is worried about having to do jury duty, but the biggest problem is that she's going to have difficulty reporting for it. In "Election Night" Donna votes by absentee ballot because her place of residency is still in Wisconsin. When called for jury duty, it is to a local court as decided by your residency. If she needs to report 'tomorrow,' she's not assisting Josh the next day, she's in Wisconsin.

  • We learn that President Bartlet was abused as a child.

  • Leo makes reference to the USS Thurmont battle group. The official name of Camp David is "NSF Thurmont", which they use as the name of a season 6 episode.

  • The President makes reference to the fact that "his family signed the Declaration of Independence" which, I assume, is a reference to the first signer of the document, appropriately named "Josiah Bartlett." What was the point of Sorkin changing the spelling of his character's name to one "t" rather than the two reflected on the declaration---if he was going to so tightly align the President with the forefather?

  • In offering Amy a Tahitian style cocktail, Josh refers to the rum as "Bacardi 451". Whew, definitely a Hawaiian Punch!

    Note: There is no such drink called "Bacardi 451." There is "Bacardi 151" because of its proof. It is 75.5% alcohol by volume. It is HIGHLY advised to NOT drink this straight. It is recommended to mix with other beverages.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Bartlet for America

  • The flashbacks show Leo getting drunk in 1998. He must have been lying in "Take Out the Trash Day" when he said he hadn't had a drink since 1993.

  • Jordan says that Woodrow and Edith Wilson have been dead for eighty years, but Edith lived into the 1960s.

  • In a flashback, C.J. says that Bartlet has ten years on Hoynes. But in "Enemies", Hoynes says he is fifteen years younger than Bartlet. Presumably, C.J. was rounding off.

  • In the flashback scene where C.J. and Toby are tossing the basketball back and forth, when you look out the window behind Sam, it's snowing. In the window behind Toby, there is no snow.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Women of Qumar

  • The Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments were passed in 1972. The amendments known as the Clean Water Act where passed in 1977.

  • Mary Louise Parker appears for the first time as Amy Gardner, but is isn't the first time she and Bradley Whitford appear on the screen together. They both played in the movie The Client.

  • Qumar is not a real country.

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