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  • Season 2 Episode 19: Bad Moon Rising

  • CJ's fishbowl decoration changes 3/4 of the way through the episode. Now it is a $100 bill. This is about the sub-plot about bailing out Mexico with money.

  • CJ's fishbowl has a piece of pipe with some black fluid coming out of it (fake of course). A sub-plot of this episode is about an oil tanker running aground and leaking oil.

  • Leo and Oliver (Babish) were both, apparently, born in Chicago, Illinois.

  • In "Mr. Willis of Ohio", during the President's kidnapping speech, Zoey pointed out that she was starting college in a month and that she was 19 years old. In this episode Charlie states that Zoey was 17 when she applied for college and her health form required a parent's signature. She would have been 17 when she applied to college and 19 when she started attending.

    It is also said in that episode that she is starting Georgetown in the spring, leaving at least a semester if not more (say, since she was still 17) in between graduating high school and starting Georgetown. She may have started at a different university, perhaps one that didn't give her the college experience she wanted. It is unlikely that she was held back enough to graduate high school in January at 19.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: 17 People

  • When Toby refers to the shooting in Rosslyn, VA, he mentions it took place "last May" while in the episode "The Midterms," the shooting was clearly indicated to have taken place in August.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: The Stackhouse Filibuster

  • Senator Stackhouse appears to be a left-leaning Democrat in this episode, but previous mentions show him leaning to the right in opposition to the President. "In This White House" mentions Stackhouse as one of the men Capital Beat tried to get to speak on the right in opposition to Sam, before they went with Ainsley Hayes. "Mandatory Minimums" also shows him on the right of the issue.

  • In the scene where Josh is writing his e-mail to his mother (and thanks her for the shoes), you can see the text of his e-mail jump rapidly to include new paragraphs much faster than he types. When he turns from his conversation with Donna to begin seriously writing the e-mail, the text has shrunk to only one paragraph.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Somebody's Going to Emerg...

  • The story that Josh relates to Sam about Abraham Lincoln signing a pardon for Patrick Murphy, a California soldier, on the day he was assassinated, though thought to be true at the time, was revealed to be a fraud in 2011.

  • In one scene, the president puts his glasses in his left pocket and then two shots later retrieves them from his right.

  • Mercator is named here as a German cartographer, while he is in fact a Belgian (Flemish) one. He was the most respected and famous map maker of his time (16th century) and well beyond that.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Ellie

  • The Family Values Leadership Council which is opposed to the movie "Prince of New York" does not exist. However, it does sound extremely close to a real council called Family Research Council.

  • The movie "Prince of New York", which is described as "an updated version of Dostoyevsky's The Idiot which tells the story of a Christ-like epileptic young man who embodies goodness, but encounters sex, crime, and family dysfunction, does not actually exist.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Bartlet's Third State of ...

  • Toby opens by telling his staff to "delete 'vigorously' from the first sentence," so they are not "going to vigorously pursue campaign finance reform" because 'vigorously' feels inflammatory.

    Since Toby is a speech writer, he should have been more concerned with removing 'vigorously' because it splits the infinitive of 'to pursue.' Infinitive verbs cannot have adverbs inside them, only before or after. The prohibition on the splitting of infinitives is a 18th century Victorian relic. Most modern English style guides have dropped this prohibition. It dates from spurious a belief that Latin was the most 'pure' language, and as in Latin the infinitive is a single word (e.g. Ire - to go, Ire audaciter - to go boldly) However, English has a rhythm and metre that defies such archaic constraints, and "To boldly go..." is a much more powerful construction

  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Drop In

  • CJ's fishbowl has a missile half buried in blue rocks that look like the ocean. A background story is about a missile defense shield that failed and the missile landed in the ocean.

  • When the Swedish ambassador is presented the name of the Swedish king is wrong. His number is missing. It should be 'King Carl the 16th Gustaf'. They could easily omit the numbers but the British ambassador is presented by 'Queen Elizabeth the 2nd'.

    The Swedish ambassador's family is presented very stereotypically, they are all blond and tall.

  • Speaking of Sydney Ellen Wade and the movie The American President, who played the president's Chief of Staff? The answer: Martin Sheen!

  • Season 2 Episode 11: The Leadership Breakfast

  • It is mentioned in this episode that the 107th Congress is about to have its first session. At the time of the original broadcast the 107th Congress had in fact just started. Apparently in the alternative world of The West Wing congressional elections are concurrent with the real ones. The presidential elections, however, are not.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Noël

  • During the initial briefing on the rogue pilot in the Situation Room, a general mentions scrambling F-16's out of "Edwards".

    Edwards Air Force Base is a massive operational air base in Edwards, CA, in the Mojave Desert. It is one of the largest air bases in California, but is most notable for historical flights including Chuck Yeager's breaking of the sound barrier in 1947 as well as the location of the first landing of any space shuttle in 1981. It is also the home of the Dryden Flight Research Center, the Air Force Flight Test Center and the Air Force Rocket Research Laboratory.

    However, Edwards is primarily a test and training facility and would be unlikely to have armed F-16s available for missions such as this.

  • Instead of using recorded music and just mimic, Yo-Yo Ma actually played the song for each take. He did it about 45 times.

  • When Josh talks to Sam in his office, there is a Christmas stocking on the wall beside the chalkboard. Twenty minutes later, when Leo is there, the stocking has disappeared.

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