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  • Season 7 Episode 10: Running Mates

  • The Santos house features three different staircases in three different episodes.

    In the season 6 episode "Impact Winter", the staircase inside the front door to the house can be seen leading away from the door to the left of the hall.

    In season 7, in the episode "Running Mates", the staircase can be seen coming down from left to right behind the door in a number of scenes.

    Later in season 7, in the two "Election Day" episodes, the staircase has changed yet again, now curving upwards from the right of the door. Either Helen Santos has been doing some extensive remodelling, or different sets were used in each episode.

  • Season 7 Episode 9: The Wedding

  • At the end of Josh's and Leo's scene when the wedding is about to start, the music heard is not "Sorge nel petto" as Will explains at the briefing, but "Lascia ch'io panga" - from Handel's 'Rinaldo' also, but a bit less appropriate (with words that translate as "Let me weep over my cruel fate, And that I long for freedom!") - unless the scriptwriter(s) had a gloomy view of marriage, that is.

  • Season 7 Episode 7: The Debate (West Coast)

  • This version is the one used for all the repeats in syndication and on Bravo.

  • Although the debate episode was done twice, only the West Coast version appears on the Season 7 DVD, and the parts with Ellen DeGeneres were edited out. It would have been nice to have both versions on the set, just for curiosity sake.

  • Season 7 Episode 7: The Debate (East Coast)

  • This is not the first time Alan Alda has ad-libbed as a TV character. When he played Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H, an episode called "The Interview" showed the characters being interviewed by a war correspondent. The questions were scripted, but most of the replies were spontaneous.

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Here Today

  • Richard Schiff hated the shuttle leak storyline, as he felt that Toby would never betray the President like that. He justified his character's actions by deciding that Toby was really covering for someone else.

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Mr. Frost

  • CJ's fishbowl: In this episode the fishbowl has what appears to be a crystal like Frost in reference to the person Mr. Frost. In the first scene in CJ's office there is coffee cup in front of the fishbowl, but when the cameras pan back, you can see the frost. The fishbowl is very clearly seen several times in this episode.

  • Season 7 Episode 3: Message Of The Week

  • At about the same time as this episode aired, a real-life news story developed that closely followed the plot. In the show, a religious conservative claims to have private assurances from Vinick that future Supreme Court appointments would be "anti-abortion". In real life, a conservative leader claimed that he had similar inside information about the President's most recent nominee for the Supreme Court.

    It's common for West Wing to develop plots loosely based on news stories, but unusual for a news story to develop at about the same time as a similar plot thread from the show.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: The Ticket

  • SPOILER ALERT: In the opening scene, taking part three years in the future, Toby Zeigler teaching at Columbia University, meaning the question that hung over most of the rest of the season, right up to the final minutes of the finale -- whether Toby would go to jail or be pardoned -- had already been answered.

  • Filming Locations:The first section of the episode was filmed entirely at the University of Southern California. President Bartlet's library is Doheny Library, starting in the Los Angeles Times reference rooms then moving into the lobby. Congressman Santos gives his speech across Alumni Park in Bovard Auditorium. It is possible to see the library from the first scene in the opening shots of the second.

  • When it seems that Leo McGarry is getting cold feet about his role on the ticket, Santos says he can only get out of it by going back on the bottle or by having a heart attack. A few months later John Spencer, the actor playing McGarry, did die of a heart attack, forcing the producers to change the storyline. This scene thus becomes gruesomely prescient.

  • This is Oliver Platt's first appearance on the show since the season 3 episode "Gone Quiet."

  • David Garrison has a small part as a television political analyses. During Season 2, Ted McGinley played the host of a political analysis show.

    Both Garrison and McGinley had previous played the husband of Marcy from Married... with Children.

    Furthermore, last season, Ed O'Neill had a role as a governor who was campaigning to be the Democratic Presidental nominatee.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Things Fall Apart

  • This episode suggests Governor Baker would be open, perhaps even eager to be Russell's VP. However Baker was ahead of Russell in the early primary pollings and, according to Leo, likely pulled out of the race because of his friendship with Vinick. Leo's theory is heavily supported by the fact that Baker recommended longtime successful political strategist Bruno Gianelli to Vinick. Now we're led to believe that despite turning down the possible nomination for President before the voting even started and days/weeks earlier actively helping Vinick he's willing to join on as a VP on a ticket with Russell?

  • In the West Wing universe NASA only has two space shuttles, while in reality there are three: Atlantis, Discovery, & Endeavor.

  • Regarding the ISS leak. First, the ISS is compartmentalized, so a leak in one pod can be circumvented by sealing off the module from the rest of the station. Even if the crew couldn't isolate it, sealing off the modules would allow them to do that.

    And if the station would have to be evacuated, it is equipped with a Soyuz landing capsule. Every few months the Russians swap out the Soyuz. They send up a new crew and the old crew takes the old Soyuz down, leaving the new one as an escape option. The capsule can fit three people. The station crew complement is usually 2-3 people.

    NASA was also developing a glider-type escape pod in case there is a problem with the Soyuz. So there shouldn't be any need for the Russians to organize a launch or to rush a space shuttle into service. And thus the debate over exposing a military craft is kind of pointless.

  • This episode kind of glosses over the Columbia disaster and leaves the impression that the shuttles have been taken out of commission on NASA's prerogative for a refit. Nice try, but assuming the Soyuz capsule the station has doesn't work, why in god's name would NASA ground the entire shuttle fleet without regard for the possibility of having to retrieve the ISS crew at some point? The ISS is dependant on the shuttles. Without the impetus of a disaster like occured with Columbia, there is no way NASA would ground ALL the shuttles at the same time.

  • Season 6 Episode 20: In God We Trust

  • Stephen Root and Gary Cole have previously worked together on the movie Office Space.

  • While riding in his limousine with his campaign manager, Senator Vinick tells her that the answer to her son's question about the area of a parallelogram is "Length times's the same as a rectangle." But the correct formula for finding the area of a parallelogram is base times height. Length and width are poorly defined properties when the corners are not right angles.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: La Palabra

  • Air Force Two appears as two different planes in this episode. From the outside it appears as Air Force Two, but on the inside it is the same set the show uses while on Air Force One.

    The first shot we see is the actual Air Force Two, a C-32, which is a modified Boeing 757 (a single level plane). It is footage of the plane from outside while in the sky. It is quite obvious that it is Air Force Two because it is a single level plane, which is what you see.

    From the inside, the plane appears as Air Force One, a VC-25, which is a modified Boeing 747. As Donna walks to the front of the plane to Vice President Russell's quarters you can see a staircase which would only be found in Air Force One. That would mean that the plane they used for the inside shot was a two-level plane and not a one-level plane which is what Air Force Two is.

    'Air Force One' and 'Air Force Two' are not specific aircraft but ATC call-signs attached to whatever aircraft is being used to carry (One) the president and/or (Two) the vice-president.

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