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  • Season 7 Episode 1: The Ticket

  • This is Oliver Platt's first appearance on the show since the season 3 episode "Gone Quiet."

  • David Garrison has a small part as a television political analyses. During Season 2, Ted McGinley played the host of a political analysis show.

    Both Garrison and McGinley had previous played the husband of Marcy from Married... with Children.

    Furthermore, last season, Ed O'Neill had a role as a governor who was campaigning to be the Democratic Presidental nominatee.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Things Fall Apart

  • In the West Wing universe NASA only has two space shuttles, while in reality there are three: Atlantis, Discovery, & Endeavor.

  • Regarding the ISS leak. First, the ISS is compartmentalized, so a leak in one pod can be circumvented by sealing off the module from the rest of the station. Even if the crew couldn't isolate it, sealing off the modules would allow them to do that.

    And if the station would have to be evacuated, it is equipped with a Soyuz landing capsule. Every few months the Russians swap out the Soyuz. They send up a new crew and the old crew takes the old Soyuz down, leaving the new one as an escape option. The capsule can fit three people. The station crew complement is usually 2-3 people.

    NASA was also developing a glider-type escape pod in case there is a problem with the Soyuz. So there shouldn't be any need for the Russians to organize a launch or to rush a space shuttle into service. And thus the debate over exposing a military craft is kind of pointless.

  • This episode kind of glosses over the Columbia disaster and leaves the impression that the shuttles have been taken out of commission on NASA's prerogative for a refit. Nice try, but assuming the Soyuz capsule the station has doesn't work, why in god's name would NASA ground the entire shuttle fleet without regard for the possibility of having to retrieve the ISS crew at some point? The ISS is dependant on the shuttles. Without the impetus of a disaster like occured with Columbia, there is no way NASA would ground ALL the shuttles at the same time.

  • Season 6 Episode 20: In God We Trust

  • Stephen Root and Gary Cole have previously worked together on the movie Office Space.

  • While riding in his limousine with his campaign manager, Senator Vinick tells her that the answer to her son's question about the area of a parallelogram is "Length times's the same as a rectangle." But the correct formula for finding the area of a parallelogram is base times height. Length and width are poorly defined properties when the corners are not right angles.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: La Palabra

  • Air Force Two appears as two different planes in this episode. From the outside it appears as Air Force Two, but on the inside it is the same set the show uses while on Air Force One.

    The first shot we see is the actual Air Force Two, a C-32, which is a modified Boeing 757 (a single level plane). It is footage of the plane from outside while in the sky. It is quite obvious that it is Air Force Two because it is a single level plane, which is what you see.

    From the inside, the plane appears as Air Force One, a VC-25, which is a modified Boeing 747. As Donna walks to the front of the plane to Vice President Russell's quarters you can see a staircase which would only be found in Air Force One. That would mean that the plane they used for the inside shot was a two-level plane and not a one-level plane which is what Air Force Two is.

    'Air Force One' and 'Air Force Two' are not specific aircraft but ATC call-signs attached to whatever aircraft is being used to carry (One) the president and/or (Two) the vice-president.

  • In the West Wing universe, a bill to withold driver's licenses from illegal immigrants is vetoed by the Governor of California. In reality, it is currently not legal for illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses. A bill that would have made it legal was overturned by Governor Schwarzenegger.

  • The seal of the state of California shown in this episode is not the actual seal, which depicts the goddess Minerva in a landscape.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: A Good Day

  • The US military's most recent contigency plan for invading Canada is actually from 1924, not 1815. "War Plan Red" was developed as an academic exercise by the Army War College. Its premise was the US going to war with the United Kingdom, and invading Canada since it was part of the British Empire.

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Freedonia

  • The New Hampshire scenes (for this episode and Opposition Research) were shot in Toronto Canada.

  • This was supposed to be in New Hampshire, but when Smits and Whitford leave the clothing store, across the street there is a Shoppers Drug Mart. These stores are only in Canada and not the US.

  • Season 6 Episode 14: The Wake Up Call

  • In this series Miss World is Lyonpo Palden Wangchuk of Bhutan, outside of the West Wing The House of Wangchuk is the royal family of Bhutan.

  • When C.J., Hutchinson and Harper are in the Situation Room discussing the shot-down plane, C.J. refers to the RC-135 as "a 737 with a large dish on it". That would be an AWACS, or E-3 Sentry. The RC-135 doesn't have a radar dish on it and it resembles a four-engined 707, not a twin-engined 737.

  • Season 6 Episode 13: King Corn

  • Before Santos' speech, Josh says, "Matt, take the pledge." The closed captioning says, "Matt, take the oath."

  • There is a train wreck news story on TV in the background of this episode (appears in all 3 candidates experiences). Strangely, the day the episode first aired, a suicidal man caused the worst train wreck in a decade.

  • In this episode, there is a scene where Josh and Donna are checking into their hotel rooms. In the scene, Josh is having trouble opening his door using his key card so Donna comes over and helps him with it. This scene is reminiscent of a previous episode "20 Hours in L.A." where the same thing happens except at that time they were still working together and they had adjoining rooms.

  • Neither the crime of adultery nor the death penalty exists in Turkey. It is ironic that the U.S. is one of the few countries whose federal government (as well as most of the states) still allows the death penalty.

  • Season 6 Episode 12: 365 Days

  • The plural form of "State of The Union," as used several times in this episode, is incorrect. The one used is "State of The Unions" while the correct one is "States of The Union."

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