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  • Season 5 Episode 1: 7A WF 83429

  • Danny: Pulling out of Qumar, the release of Bahji prisoners. I have to ask...

    Both Qumar and the Bahji terrorist cell are made up.

  • This episode is the first appearance of the Bartlets' eldest daughter Elizabeth 'Liz" Bartlet Westin. The character is played by the actress Annabeth Gish.

  • Season 4 Episode 23: Twenty Five

  • According to the 25th amendment and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the Speaker of the House would not truly become President of the United States. He would be known as the "Acting President". In fact, even if the President never resumed his duties the Speaker would never fully become President, but remain as acting president until the next presidential election. While the Speaker is seen taking the oath of office, that is not required by the Constitution or the succession act, either.

  • Bartlet: What is it they're gonna want? Bahji prisoners freed? We get out of Qumar? We get out of Kuhndu?

    The countries Qumar and Kuhndu and the Bahji terrorist cell are all made up.

  • This is the last episode that Aaron Sorkin wrote.

  • Bartlet says the 25th Amendment allows him to hand power to the next in the "constitutional line of succession." But there is no "constitutional line of succession" other than the vice president. All succession issues are dealt with in the 1947 succession act.

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Commencement

  • In this episode Zoey was kidnapped whilst going to the restroom in a club party. This scenario was depicted by President Bartlet when he was angry at Zoey in Season 1 in the episode Mr. Wilis of Ohio

  • The tie that Bartlet wears in this episode features the crest of the University of Notre Dame. Even as he is heading to deliver the commencement address at Georgetown, he still gives a subtle shoutout to his own alma mater.

  • Josh: Can I ask, how hard can it be to keep an eye on five Qumari religious fanatics in Schenectady?

    Qumar is a fictional country.

  • Leo: For a couple of years we've been keeping an eye on five possible Bahji sleepers in Central New York. And last night they disappeared. We lost them.

    The Bahji terrorist organization is fictional.

  • Season 4 Episode 21: Life On Mars

  • One of the key plot points is Hoynes' relationship with Helen Baldwin, which is proven with a list of phone calls made by Hoynes. Joe has conveniently highlighted all the instances of Hoynes calling her, and he shows this to CJ. The camera shows us one page, then Joe turns the page and the camera shows us the second page. Except the second page is the same as the first, but with more names highlighted on it! Look at the first page more closely. Near the bottom, just before the shot changes, pause it and you can see other calls between Hoynes and Baldwin that aren't highlighted. No way Joe would have missed them. All the other names on the second page are the same as the first, in the same order. Obviously the prop guys made one page of names and printed it out several times, then selectively highlighted different lines on each one hoping we wouldn't notice it's the exact same page!

  • Season 4 Episode 20: Evidence of Things Not Seen

  • Interesting story connection: Will Bailey (Air Force Reserve attorney) is being sent to investigate a case where nuclear missle silo officers failed to launch missles during a perceived threat. John Spencer(Leo McGarry) played a missle silo officer in the 1985 movie "War Games" who failed in his duty to launch nuclear missles during a test.

  • In the final scene, as C.J. balances the egg, if you look closely, you can see the thin pedestal used to support the egg upright.

  • Goof: (Lt) Will Bailey is wearing his service blues, along with his service ribbons out of order. The Global War on Terrorism ribbon is on the left of the National Defense Service ribbon. They should be reversed. The Air Force Training ribbon is correctly positioned on the right.

  • At the end of the episode, CJ notes the time as being midnight, prompting her to test the standing-egg-on-its-end theory. However her own watch reads 7:25.

  • Leo McGarry says, during the briefing with the President, that the Baltic Sea is shared between Germany, Sweden and Finland. It is ALSO shared with Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (this three being known as The Baltic States) and Russia.

  • Matthew Perry's father, John Bennett Perry, appeared on the second season finale episode Two Cathedrals.

  • Season 4 Episode 19: Angel Maintenance

  • Chris: That was a stringer we use on the Ivory Coast. He's got double confirmation that there were friendly fire deaths in Kuhndu a few hours ago.

    Kuhndu is not a real country.

  • Josh is met in a WW passageway by Democrat Party leaders who saw him in talks with a Republican representative from Maryland, and they mention the Bartlet re-election is a "lonely landslide."

    This meant that, while carrying a majority for himself, Bartlet did not enable fellow Democrats to get re-elected as well.

    Similarly-termed elections: California's Democratic Governor Jerry Brown [1978], Reagan over Mondale [1984].

  • During the final scene, the Air Force One pilot announces that they will eventually land on Runway "Three Niner", or 39, at Andrews Air Force Base. This is incorrect for two reasons: first, Andrews AFB has parallel runways 1 and 19, L and R; and second, since runways are designated based on their compass position at 10 degree intervals, no runway can be greater than 36, which makes Three-Nine non-existent at any airfield.

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