The West Wing

Season 3 Episode 20

We Killed Yamamoto

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2002 on NBC

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  • The bridge did not fall.

    Amy got on my good side(for a brief time) with a little Van Morrison in the scene coming off the opening credits. I'm still not crazy about the character, but I do appreciate the chemistry between her and Josh. And while I was pissed at how she ruined Josh's night; and cellphone, her argument was pretty convincing.

    Amy: "Does my government really believe that the law can create a family? Do these old, fat-ass men really believe that if they just pay people to act like 'Leave it to Beaver' everything will be fine?"

    She just needs to realize that Josh feels the same way, but knows that sometimes you have to take one on the chin if it means holding on to the ball. Yes, reelection is more important than railing against marriage incentives, it has to be. The reaming that Bartlet gave Josh was really hard to watch and pretty much insured that I would never like Amy. Though at some point you got to blame Josh for continuing to tell her these things that she probably wouldn't find out about until it was too late.

    Still not crazy about Agent Donovan either. While it seems to be mostly the actor that bugs me, the character also isn't winning me over. Granted, I would much rather see CJ with Danny so that might be affecting my feelings about Donovan. The scene at the shooting range was a little heavy on the physical humor, which can be good in small doses, as TWW has done before, but this wasn't one of those times. The scene did get a few laughs out of me however.

    Donovan: "It's a .357 magnum."
    CJ: "I've heard of that, that's a good brand.
    Donovan: Yes."
    CJ: "Let's go, I'm feeling twitchy."
    Donovan: "Good news for me."

    Sam doubting himself after his fumbling of the attack ad on Bartlet was tough to see. I thought Toby handled the situation well though and he's right, Sam pissed off is a dangerous thing. Leo's line about Sam during the meeting in his office was just perfect, and I was glad they weren't too upset with him.

    Leo: "You know, it was a screw up, but I gotta say I love the way he did it full speed, bam! Like there's a Sam Seaborn shaped hole in the wall."

    I thought the continuation of the plot involving Abdul Shareef directly funding terrorists was incredibly well done. Particularly the scene between Leo and Fitzwallace in the the Situation Room. I loved their back and forth together, Fitz's comment about Leo's shampoo was comic gold. Both actors were really on top of their game in that scene, and not just comedy wise. It was interesting to see the three points of view from each man. Fitz, who knew what had to be done and was ready to do it, Leo, who knew it too but wasn't ready to accept it, and Bartlet, who just couldn't even see killing Shareef as an option. It really spoke to each character and how none of them were actually wrong for feeling how they did, though I would definitely side with Fitz in that situation. The only scene to rival Fitz and Leo's was the one in the Oval between Leo and Bartlet. I think Leo is one of the few people who can be so direct with Bartlet anymore; which Bartlet really needs sometimes.

    Amy and Donovan(mainly Donovan) brought it down from a 10, but the rest of the episode was brilliant.
  • Getting ready for season ending...

    So, this is a really amazing episode if it can be think that it just sets the state for final episode. But if it could stand alone, it is little... not so great.

    The terrorist threat is the main subject and the Qumar is brought in again and it looks like things are not going well and they have to decide what to do as they realize they got all their proves from the fact that first came torturing. CJ storyline continues and I am eager to see it culmination as I really think that storyline has been one of the best over long time.

    And Amy and Josh.. it was just meant to end sooner or later in that point and the choice Amy made.. Anyway.. as I said.. a ground preparing for season final.