The White Shadow

Season 3 Episode 15

A Day in the Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 1981 on CBS

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  • Alumni game? And, hey, anybody remember C.J.?

    This looked like a classic case of let's-trot-out-the-old-stars-one-last-time. I think at this point, the writers and producers realized that this show had worn out it's welcome FAR too soon and scrambled to come up with a way to get closure.

    Reeves announces about an alumni game, hmmm. Salami gets a haircut, ooh-kay. Then, Thorpe gives a very scripted one-sentence eulogy about Jackson, who in my mind was one of the stalwarts of this show. Bad.

    We are then treated to a lame where-are-they-now montage for Gomez, Goldstein, Reese, and Hayward. Hayward probably has the most compelling of the four, realizing that he has the ability to "get out of the ghetto" and make something of himself. However, most interviewers wouldn't do what the lawyer did and try to convince Hayward to break out of his past and take the job; they'd probably just blow him off and go to the next guy.

    And, we're now supposed to believe that the Marines made a man out of Goldstein because he now got a spine and asked a girl out? And that Reese is on his way to a singing career because of a chance meeting with an old crooner? And, what are we supposed to make of Gomez? That he just basically needs to grow up?

    And, this "game"? Was it so much of an event that tickets were sold? And, what other "alumni" were there that they could even have a game. Maybe the three guys we'd see from time to time who never talked? And, finally, whatever happened to Phil Jeffers?
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