The White Shadow

Season 2 Episode 5

A Silent Cheer

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During Reeves' tryout game, Forrester calls out a score of "10-8, Reeves", after which Reeves hits a basket, which means Reeves should have 11. However, in the very next shot, when Selridge has the ball, Forrester calls out "12-10, Selridge."

    • Jeff Simpson (Glenn Michael Jones) is the only "extra" Carver player to get in a game during the run of the series and be seen scoring a basket. In "Mainstream" in season 1, Thomas got in the game, but we never found out if his shot at the end went in.

  • Quotes

    • Willis: Well, remember, them that can do, learn. Them that can't, teach!
      Reeves: And them that can't learn or teach, administrate!

    • Reeves: There's something I want to talk to you about...
      Willis: I already know. Forrester called me when he got into town. I knew before you did.
      Reeves: Well, there's nothing definite. I still have to try out.
      Willis: When will you know?
      Reeves: This weekend.
      (Awkward pause, Willis is obviously not happy.)
      Reeves: Well, what do you think?
      Willis: I think you're a damn fool!
      Reeves: Don't feel you have to tread lightly or anything...
      Willis: You're 35 years old, Ken!
      Reeves: You're kidding!
      Willis: You know, I just never figured you to be so greedy.
      Reeves: What do you mean, greedy?
      Willis: You had good years. Couldn't settle for that. You know, you're like some punch-drunk fighter with a bell in his head instead of a brain!
      Reeves: I know I'm no Julius Erving...
      Willis: Julius Erving, hell! You're not even Kenny Reeves anymore!
      Reeves: I really appreciate your support, Willis.
      Willis: Would I be a friend if I encouraged you to make a spectacle of yourself? You're gonna be subbing for some kid who was in fifth grade when you first turned pro! And, now you're gonna be carrying his bags?

    • Reeves: Dreams die hard, but they die a lot easier if you kill'em off yourself.

  • Notes

    • Larry Farmer played college basketball at UCLA and was a member of three consecutive NCAA championship teams from 1971-1973. He was a two-year starter at small forward and played alongside Bill Walton. UCLA was 89-1 during his playing career. Farmer would go on to become a Bruins assistant coach and replaced Larry Brown as head coach in 1983.

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