The White Shadow

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1981 on CBS

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  • What Season 3 could have been.

    Amongst the real turkeys that populated this season was a decent, well-written, episode that focused on an issue and left us sympathetic with a few of the characters...for a change.

    A good indicator of a good episode in a TV series is that, if it delves into both sides of an issue, it leaves the viewer having to decide who to side with. This is especially the case with Thorpe, Officer Ramirez, and the officer who shot Thorpe. In the end, I had to side with Thorpe. It was sad to watch Thorpe's enthusiasm about his future go downhill with the realization that, no matter what road of life he takes, he'll still run into unfair treatment because of his skin color. It was nice to see Ramirez connect with him and take his side, at the risk of betraying the "brotherhood" of cops.

    The officer who shot Thorpe, even though he was wrong, had a good point about never knowing if you're safe or unsafe. But, he also came across a little too much as having an ax to grind.

    All in all, a gritty episode, if not powerful. Why couldn't season 3 have been more like this?